Martial Peak Chapter 587

teach bombs

Don’t look at me, look ahead!

Know your goal this time

This red-blooded true orchid has already produced seven leaves, which is a treasure with a thousand years of medicinal age!


That’s good. Scarlet-blooded real orchid is a spiritual creature of heaven and earth. It has its own consciousness, so don’t underestimate it!

Miss, what reward can we get after this is done?

Twenty spar per person!


Miss mighty!

Be quiet, stupid pig!

Every month it will come out to get some sunshine, and today is the day it will appear. It doesn’t take long for you to get your wish

If you run away, you can’t catch anything!

The young master of Langlangya Blessed Land was injured and urgently needed this red-blooded true orchid to heal his wounds!
You should know how much benefits it will bring if we can have a good relationship with Langya Blessed Land.

Don’t worry ma’am!



Waiting for it all to be exposed to start!
Be steady!

It’s now!

This is


Scarlet-blooded Zhenlan was scared away!

How come there are still people here?

Didn’t you say that everyone within a radius of fifty miles has been dispersed?

A month ago, our Independent Proud League listed this area of ​​50 miles as a forbidden area and no one was allowed to set foot there!

I checked before the operation… I really didn’t find any outsiders.

That energy fluctuation is clearly the movement when someone was promoted!


We really checked…  

We have promised Langya Blessed Land, and we will send them Red Blood True Orchid in half a month. Now, what do you want me to bring?

…. let’s catch it again…


The red-blooded real orchid has already escaped into the muddy swamp. It will not appear for at least half a year after being frightened. How to catch it?
Are you looking for it?


follow me!

I’d like to see who ruined my good deeds!

Breaking through as soon as you come here Are you a martial idiot!

Congratulations, I’m afraid you won’t adapt to the environment here

I didn’t expect you to break through in only half an hour

As soon as I get here, I feel that the bondage is loosened. . . .

So try it now

On the seventh floor of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, this cultivation base is probably not bad for Dahan, but here it is:

Still too weak!

Tencent dynamic

Irregular high frequency updates

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Martial Peak Chapter 587

Martial Peak Chapter 587


Martial Peak Chapter 587

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Martial Peak Chapter 587

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Martial Peak Chapter 587


Martial Peak Chapter 587

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Martial Peak Chapter 587

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 587

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