Martial Peak Chapter 495

Big and young!

Big and young!
One more thing to tell you

The Meng family sent a letter…let’s cooperate with the third son…to defeat Yang Kai

The Meng family sent a letter?
Where is my Yang family?

Cooperate with the second

Someone said…the Yang family won’t interfere

So let’s do it with confidence

Even if the two of us go there together, I’m afraid it’s not Lao Jiu’s opponent, right?

Are there other arrangements?

Young Master…..Although this is a message from my Meng family, it seems that your Yang family has acquiesced.

The person who came said that we don’t need to worry about it, as long as we come forward and make a statement, we can do other things, and the Second Young Master will handle it properly.

The second young master has no fighting spirit since that day, and his manpower has also shrunk greatly, so he cannot be the opponent of the young master.

But after hearing the tone of the people, the three young masters are now fully confident that they will eat Yang Kaifu?  …

How could he have so much confidence?
The reinforcements of the eight people!

eight days

Do they mean that the second son has been designated as the next head of the Yang family?

Seriously, I don’t want to be the head of the house

Not to mention the old nine, looking at it now, the Yang family really hopes so

Are you not cold at all?

I think that’s what Lao Jiu means too.

how come

Old Jiu and I both hope to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. When we become the head of the family, we have no time to practice.

The biggest reason why Lao Jiu participated in the battle for succession was to rectify the name of his sect, the High Heaven Pavilion.

Ling Xiao Court

He had reached an agreement with the Patriarch that as long as he could win, the High Heaven Pavilion would be given the name of Yi Chuxie Sect.

I participated in the battle for the succession because of clan rules, and I also had to hone myself. The position of the head of the family is not important to me.

just for this?

From this point of view, it is a wise move for the family to choose to support the second child. There is no doubt that he is more suitable for chasing power and sitting on the position of the head of the family.

just for this

Are you disappointed and feel that your efforts and efforts so far have not been rewarded?

It is my honor to hear the voices of the young and old

Since the young master doesn’t want to be the head of the house, Shanyi has to change his mentality.

So shall we cooperate with Second Young Master?

Can I refuse what the Yang family acquiesced in?

Just go out there

From now on, it will no longer be a battle for succession

I see

At the same time, Yang Zhao’s

Yang language

These are all masters of the ninth floor of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, and masters of the seventh and eighth floors of the Immortal Ascension Boundary?


·What conditions are given to you?

In the future, as a daughter, I will inherit the great cause of the Qiu family!

Isn’t this what you dreamed of?

what about you?

If I don’t come, I will be kicked out of the Huo family, and don’t even think about setting foot in the house in the future…

The Kang family and the Gao family are here!


It’s ridiculous, the Seven Great Families are targeting Yang Kai like this

H obviously wants to use the Yang family to win the stage to fool the eyes of the world

This is also something that can’t be helped. For those people in the world who don’t know the inside story, the succession is not over yet.

Huo Shao!

It’s Master Kang, how is your injury recovery?

Brother Laohuo is worried, it’s no big deal, the young master is very measured, and it didn’t hurt me.

That’s good, that’s good, hey

Brother Huo, although Brother Kang and I were enemies of the young master before, that was also forced by the situation? …

The two of us still admire the young master’s methods and personal strength.


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Martial Peak Chapter 495

Martial Peak Chapter 495


Martial Peak Chapter 495

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Martial Peak Chapter 495

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Martial Peak Chapter 495


Martial Peak Chapter 495

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Martial Peak Chapter 495

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 495

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