Martial Peak Chapter 490

Wu roast peak

Momo, adapted and drawn by the PIKAPI team

Young Master, calm down, that was what the old slave thought a long time ago!

Today’s old slave is loyal to the young master. This heart can be learned from the world, and the sun and the moon can be seen.

Okay, don’t show your loyalty to me, if I don’t trust you, I won’t let you free

Young Master Mingjian!
From now on, the old slave will still serve the young master, never mind

Young Master, this old slave has to admit your fault

If it’s still referring to your previous thoughts, you don’t need to say it.

isn’t it?.. it’s about the means by which you control others

Yes, it’s the old slave’s way

that’s your means

What should the old slave say about this method…. there are pros and cons

The good side is convenience, and the young master also realizes it.

You can easily control others with just a wisp of your soul thread

What about the disadvantages?

The downside is that you lose everything. . . .

make it clear!

If the consciousness of the person under control is destroyed, then you may also be injured…

That’s right, but fortunately, both the old slave and the girl Leng Shan are safe and sound these days

Because a thread of my soul is still in other people’s minds, right?

But it seems….there is another girl named Zi Mo

Do you have this ability?

If the young master is not at ease, the old slave will go to the Heavenly Wolf Country and bring her here.

The Senluo Temple where Zi Mo is located is a superpower in the Heavenly Wolf country, and there are people above the gods.

Go there again when you have time.

It’s okay to be young

two days later

Yang Kai’s Mansion

dong dong dong!


early morning

Yang Kai!

saw the elder

Elder, these are

Could it be the elders who really manage the Yang family…

They are all elders of my Yang family.

Dare to ask the elders what advice?

Knowingly ask!

You killed the heirs of the Nan family and the Xiang family in front of tens of thousands of people in the war city

Simply lawless, do you really think you are a person?

Just for this?

The elders are making too much of a fuss, right?

Make a fuss?
That’s the heirs of two other aristocratic families!

It’s not some kind of cat or dog that can be killed casually!

To me they are no different from cats and dogs

In the future, if the Yang family will preside over the battle again, which family would dare to send someone to participate?

You do this!
It makes the family very cold and makes the family very passive!

Even if I am not a direct disciple of the Yang family

If those two provoked me, they would have to die!

Town elder, tell me

It looks like it doesn’t make sense to you at all.

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Martial Peak Chapter 490

Martial Peak Chapter 490


Martial Peak Chapter 490

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Martial Peak Chapter 490

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Martial Peak Chapter 490


Martial Peak Chapter 490

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 490

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 490

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