Martial Peak Chapter 46

But the old man also asked the lady

Grandpa Long doesn’t allow you to enter the mining area, and I don’t want to take his face too much.

Well, I’ll go and buy those seeds for you. You wait here for me for a while.

it is good.

Eyes have been on me since the beginning…

The line of sight seems to come from one of those rooms


Why didn’t you kill him just now?

Meier protects, how do you want me to kill?

That’s more to kill.

I’ve never seen Mei’er’s sister so attentive to any man. The relationship between this kid and Mei’er is not bad, keeping him is definitely a scourge.

Well, I’ve never seen Mei’er protect anyone like this before, and this time, even I have contradicted me for him, which is unusual.

Meier has entered the mining area now, why don’t you take another shot, Grandpa?

There is no problem with grandpa’s shot, and it is easy to kill him

But if Meier holds a grudge against you because of his death, do you think it’s worth it?

not worth it

Can he just let him develop with Meier like this?
I can’t stand it.


Learn more from your elder brother and see how he deals with the woman he likes.

If you want Meier, you have to work harder. Grandpa can kill for you, but he can’t win a woman’s heart for you, right?

Hu Man had no children in his life, only two daughters, Jiao Er Mei Er,

I have three generations of the Dragon family, and I have worked hard for the Blood War Gang for decades, and it is time to taste what it is like to be the master!

If you and your eldest brother can catch them all, the bloody gang in the future will belong to my Long family!

It is my Long family who is the master of the house.
Don’t worry, Grandpa, Mei’er can’t escape, and the elder brother will definitely be able to take Hu Jiaoer down.

Well, it’s good if you have the will.

Lord, that person

Look for opportunities for yourself, he is not very strong, you can handle it.

Why hasn’t my sight disappeared?


Yang Kai!

You’re back

hand out


Thank you!

You helped me, I’ll pay you back

What’s the meaning?

you come with me!

you remember where i stand now

That’s it!

There should be something unusual about seventy feet underground here.

how do you know?

I have practiced a martial art, as long as there is yang energy within a certain range, I can feel it.

Beneath this, there is a kind of yang-type baby,



The energy fluctuations it emits are thousands of times purer than the Yang Yan Stone.

do you believe me?


That’s it.
Although I don’t know what’s down there, it’s definitely worth a lot

And besides it, there seems to be something else, and I can’t feel what it is.

It is very likely that there is an underground vein here because of their existence.

But I guess that the secret hidden below may be the root of your bloody gang’s peculiar mining area, or

If what Yang Kai said is true, then the secret below is absolutely of great importance.

You are a smart girl and should know what to do.

I know.

I’m saying goodbye


I’ll take you another way

Need not

Then be careful on your way.


Wan A

Martial Peak Chapter 46

Martial Peak Chapter 46


Martial Peak Chapter 46

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Martial Peak Chapter 46

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Martial Peak Chapter 46


Martial Peak Chapter 46

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Martial Peak Chapter 46

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 46

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