Martial Peak Chapter 397

Wu roast tendon

Momo, adapted and drawn by the PIKAPI team

Ten alchemists from Medicine King Valley

If this is spread out, there will definitely be many people who will defect.

There are pros and cons, you should know better than me

You don’t want to show off in the forest, but now that the tree is big and the wind is drawn, what will you do in the future?

Beauty, don’t forget that this group of people doesn’t have much cultivation.

I’m a little excited to ignore this

so to speak

In fact, the threat to them is not too big.

Let’s see if they can figure it out

I find you’re not as cold to me as you used to be




Did you discover my charm and start to like me a little?


Tencent animation

What are you going to do?

This is all around me, I warn you not to mess around!

What are you afraid of?
I’m just so close to you

It’s not necessary to be close….
you dodge

I can be closer, do you want to try?

Come on, I see how you will have the face to meet your little sister

It’s okay to play, but don’t take me seriously, I can’t take it.



Hee hee hee

in his heart.

still have mine…

Brat, the old man is next door, don’t force me to kill you now!

Dream shopkeeper, peeping apprentice, very immoral, self-respect!


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Martial Peak Chapter 397

Martial Peak Chapter 397


Martial Peak Chapter 397

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Martial Peak Chapter 397

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Martial Peak Chapter 397


Martial Peak Chapter 397

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 397

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 397

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