Martial Peak Chapter 265

Wu Roast Bao

There will be a period later!

hey…this guy….


Is he worth it?

Yea, do you want to give him a spirit-purifying bottle for nothing?
Don’t even say thank you, hate it!

Why say it?
He didn’t take it for free either. See for yourself.

Heavenly Dan?

look carefully

Could it be… Heaven-level high-grade pill?

Heaven-level top-grade True Yuan Dan!
Let’s talk, can it be worth a spirit-purifying bottle? Brother, how do you see that he is a person worthy of friendship? The people who come here have three kinds of teachings, and I thought he was a wicked person… If he was a wicked person, he would not have deliberately made noise just now to make us feel:


What is the origin of that guy, he is so generous!

Throw in peaches and repay them with li, and that’s it.
But fucked by the three of you

I wanted to befriend him,

you ah.
….remember! In this world, you can have no strength, but you must have eyesight! Who can not offend, who can make friends and can see clearly, can live a hundred years:

Alright alright, I got it, brother.
Let’s go in. That person will do it first. If we work fast, maybe we can reach him again. At that time, we will be able to see what he is capable of. Right.

Teng Anime

It is said that when an evil spirit encounters a living body, it will never die.

A few tricks can kill an evil spirit, is it because the true yang vitality restrains it?

line up



Why so quiet?

I am afraid that the evil spirits along the way have been cleaned up.

Brother, are you saying…

Well, others won’t bother to run back, but when you go from the outside to the inside, you must clean up.
It seems that I still underestimated that he is not only powerful, but the exercises and martial arts he cultivates are also very restrained against evil spirits.

Is this guy really that great?

Do you want a proud golden body?

Just suck it all up

oh oh oh


and many more

Hey, friend, you’re not being kind, aren’t you?

, sorry, I didn’t mean to

Not on purpose?
Taking away the source that belongs to us, do you still want to say that you are doing it unintentionally?

My friend, let’s make a point. Our Ghost King Valley is not a big faction, but it’s not so easy to talk about.

I will compensate you

compensate? How to compensate?

no need!
No need for you to compensate!

Wechat Search for Junior Sisters»

Q77 Tribe

I know him!
Don’t count these

You know him?

He’s my savior

Cold girl, Wen has met!

Wechat search and touch the Q.77 tribe, you should first refine the source of evil spirits, that thing is absorbed into the body, and it will be harmful if it is not refined earlier

You put away these sources, and be vigilant around you, don’t let evil spirits take advantage of it

All right

All right?
Friends, refining the source of evil spirits is not so fast, right? Did you refine it? This thing is not a joke. If it is not cleaned up, it is very likely to leave some hidden dangers.

I practice yang attribute exercises, which are more resistant to this.

That’s it, I said, my friend, how did you destroy the red evil spirit with one move, it was because of the restraint of attributes, which surprised me!
Yang Kai! I’m sorry, thank you for your understanding.

Get to know me, my name is Shen Yi, I have offended a lot just now, and I ask my friends not to worry about it.

By the way, why are you here?

Of course I can be here.
Don’t you know where this place is?

Mei KA long

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Martial Peak Chapter 265

Martial Peak Chapter 265


Martial Peak Chapter 265

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Martial Peak Chapter 265

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Martial Peak Chapter 265


Martial Peak Chapter 265

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Martial Peak Chapter 265

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 265

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