Martial Peak Chapter 256

Wu roast money

There’s no need for that.


If you were honest, how could I treat you like this.
Just take a rest for one night, I will come to you tomorrow, I promise not to make you bored


Don’t bother, it’s someone’s soul chasing seal, and even a master at the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary can’t remove it.
Now, no matter how far you escape, people can find you!


Get in!

Did you rest well last night?


The slave was sent by the adults to serve the son, the son should just call me Yunli.

And these two girls.

This is Ruo Qing!

This is Ruoyu!

Oh, really.
Excuse me a few!

It should be, the son is the honored guest of the adults.
Any request of the son, the slaves can meet! Any request?

During the time that the son was in Piaoxiang City, his daily life and chores were all served by slaves.

one should

Son, is there anything you want to do?


Sir, please take a shower and change clothes first.

If the son wants to?…The slaves and others obey Panfu….

Any of your requirements can be met…

You adults won’t ask you to help me take a bath, will you?

Don’t worry, you go out first.


How is Su Yan now?
Leaving from the Void Corridor, they should be able to reach thousands of miles away in an instant. Where are they now? What happened to High Heaven Pavilion? What was the result of the battle between the master and the others?

Miss Biluo has been worrying too much, that son is not a womanizer, he has a very good duty.

Are you alright and haven’t been molested by that person?

No way?
Didn’t you tell Jingshu?

Wordlessly said.

He didn’t do anything to you?

This girl on Wechat has always been quite accurate when looking at men, but the boy looks like a bad guy. There’s no reason to tease you. . . .

Weird, how could this be?

Bi Luo, you think too much

It must be like this, first pretend to be gentle to reduce your vigilance, and then eat it with your body and heart when you are not prepared, in fact, he is a beast!

Yes, I must be a little embarrassed for the first time, men are all that kind of virtue, it’s not that you haven’t seen those men who are guests, which one is not drooling on you, and you mustn’t strip you all off and then Hold onto the bed.

Bi Luo, don’t scare them, that son is not a bad person

Besides, if he really wants to do it, we can’t resist…

It seems that Sister Yun, you are mentally prepared. Have you not been nourished these years and want to post it backwards?

What are you talking about?

So sensitive, it really is!

: Q77 Tribe

Long WeChat search

A mature woman is different.

Damn girl, stop making trouble!

Don’t mess with you anymore, can’t you go to Qianying Qianhen?
We still have to serve the young man for breakfast, so it’s not good to waste time.

let’s go!

Sister Yun, I’ll find you tonight!

Ruoyu Ruoqing and I are going to rest here at night, come here if you have the guts!

letter search

7 tribes

The son is a little thin, it should be because he is outside all year round, right?
You should eat more to replenish your body.

These are slave craftsmanship

What about your family members?

The adults have something to deal with today.

I thought she was coming over to have breakfast with me

Then I’m going to find her, where should I go?

The lord said, I’ve been busy these few days. I asked you to ask Miss Biluo if you have anything to do. She has been waiting outside since early in the morning.

Biluo girl!

It was put together!

Big WeChat search

Q77 Tribe

The adults are discussing with the elders today, I am afraid that I will not have time to see you.

I want to see you adults!

WeChat search first floor 8 yuan 7 new drop

The last few days have not been enough. The adults have been away from Fragrance City for two months. The wars are frequent, and many things have to be handled by her.

When is the negotiation done?

treasure house?
This witch wants to take care of me? Is there anything good?

that treasure house

But the lord said last night that in order to make up for her fault,

You are permitted to enter her treasury.

Your strength is too low,

The lord said that there are things in her treasure trove suitable for your cultivation”

What are you waiting for!

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Martial Peak Chapter 256

Martial Peak Chapter 256


Martial Peak Chapter 256

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Martial Peak Chapter 256

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Martial Peak Chapter 256


Martial Peak Chapter 256

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Martial Peak Chapter 256

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 256

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