Martial Peak Chapter 2520

Wu Roast Shi Feng

Tencent Jiyunman

The mountain peak was actually punched with a semi-circle gap. How did the adults do it?

grown ups,

Can we leave this place first, the demonic energy here is too strong, everyone can’t hold it anymore

Just relax and don’t resist!

ok let’s go

My lord, the demons who fled from Shuiyunzong have been surrounded and strangled by the army of their own sons who arrived after us, and few fish slip through the net!

Even if the passage has been sealed, this ink spot and the demon soil that has appeared cannot be eliminated. The situation is exactly the same as what I encountered in the Western Regions a few days ago.

I see

Do not know why,

I’m not happy at all and have a bit of an ominous premonition.

Yang Kai’s army tent

These days, large-scale battles have erupted almost every day in the astral world. Human and demons have suffered heavy casualties. Countless cities and sects have been destroyed. Hundreds of millions of souls have been exiled.

Now there are a hundred and eight of that black dot-like existence in the star realm!
The ink dots are evenly distributed among the four regions of the astral world, and the whole number coincides with the number of the heavens.

In the five days since our reunion, the Jizi Army and the Bingchen Army have teamed up with the demon army in Canglang City to have three confrontations. It’s a pity that although they have suffered a lot of losses, they have not been able to make any substantial progress.

Don’t think too much

No way, the Demon Race seems to attach great importance to this Canglang City. Not only is there an army of three million Demon Races stationed, but there are as many as five semi-sacred powerhouses.
For some reason, I also feel that this cave is different from other caves I have encountered.

Before meeting with me, you have sealed more than a dozen passages between the two realms in the Northern Territory. No one is more familiar with the methods of the demons than you. Even you think something is wrong, which means that there must be something special about this Canglang City.





























What does the army want you to do?

The general army asked me to immediately set off for the Demon Realm, search for the whereabouts of the Great Emperor, and continue to devour the Demon Realm by the way.


This is quite a good way. Just looking at the number of demons in the world today, you can see that the elites of the demons are all out, and the ones who stay are probably the old and the sick. If you go to the demon realm now, there should be no danger…

The demons invaded my astral world, Mr. Li’s move is to use his own way to repay his own body.

After I leave, my son’s army will ask the seniors to take care of them.

Your own son’s army is strong and strong, which legion can compare?
On the contrary, my Bingchen army still needs a lot of care from your already subordinate army.

Although Jiao Si acts prudently, he is still young after all. Now his father’s whereabouts are unknown. I am afraid that he will lose his mind.

Don’t worry, I’ll watch him more.
How are you going to get there?

You are really brave… But if you want to go from there, we can make arrangements

from there

Then listen to the elders

Battlefield outside Canglang City

The human race’s attack this time was thunderous and rainy, and they retreated after only half an hour. I don’t know what they were planning.


Qianzhong, where are you going?

This breath is exactly what it is!


Heaven has a way, you don’t go through hell, but you have to go through it!


Yes, I didn’t see the trace of Yang Kai in this battle!
In the previous attacks, he was at the forefront!

It is false that the army came to commit crimes, it is to attract our attention, and it is true to help Yang Kai sneak into the Demon Realm from this place while the chaos is here!

That traitor is proficient in the power of space, and there have always been a few semi-holy-level masters around, I am afraid it is not easy to kill!
Thousands failed once before

But Boya, Bai Zhuo, and the strange stone man have all appeared just now. I am afraid that this time he only brought the beast Chasing Feng. As long as the boy relaxes a little, Qianzhong will have a great grasp of it!

The advantage is mine!

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Martial Peak Chapter 2520

Martial Peak Chapter 2520


Martial Peak Chapter 2520

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Martial Peak Chapter 2520

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Martial Peak Chapter 2520


Martial Peak Chapter 2520

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Martial Peak Chapter 2520

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 2520

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