Martial Peak Chapter 2515

Wu Roast Shi Feng

Tencent Jiyunman

two-way passage

Damn demon locust…

Burn you all!

Chase in, don’t let one go!

Never come to the astral world again!
Humans are terrible! !

How about it?
Do you have any traces of the great emperors there? I just tried it in the Demon Realm, but the Ethereal Bead didn’t respond.

No, I can’t get in touch at all.
However, the situation in the Demon Realm is special. A continent can be considered a small world. If the emperors are really in the Demon Realm, it is not surprising that the Void Spirit Orb cannot be connected.

There is only this possibility. The situation here is a little different from the previous two-world passage. You also noticed it?

Yes, it seems that this is no longer a channel that simply connects the two worlds, but more like the infiltration of the big world.

Just like the feeling when my Hengluo Star Territory was swallowed up by the Great Desolate Star Territory

No matter, try to seal it up and talk about it!

For some reason, this passage is much more difficult to seal than the one that Can Ye opened.




But it’s finally sealed

Where have everyone gone?

We are not human!

After the demon saints appeared, a large army of demons crossed the border from different demon soils. Based on the locations of the demon soils, they gradually spread around and devoured the star realm. The star realm was already in chaos!

Li Wuyi asked us to give this to you. He said that you will understand after you read it.

Just when you sealed the passage between the two realms, the information obtained by the commanders of the various legions has more than 30 demons born and scattered everywhere. This is only detected in a short period of time. The real number is probably not. More!
It’s urgent, we can’t wait any longer, just leave this couple

Sisters who know you well send messages to you

How serious is the situation?

Another one?

Deputy Director Bian?
How could she suddenly text me? Is it the Lingxiao Palace?

I’m going back to the army camp immediately

court death!

Are you OK!

It’s okay, I just spent too much energy just now, take me back to camp right now!

See for yourself, tell each other

In addition, it was passed that our army ordered Protector Bian to send a message,

grown ups,

The demon land three thousand miles away from Lingxiao Palace has appeared, and a large number of demons are attacking Lingxiao Palace!
The whole army gathers and returns to the Northern Territory!

What the hell happened?
Why have all the other legions withdrew, leaving only our own army on standby?


Not long ago, the breath of the great emperors disappeared, and the ethereal beads could not be transmitted to the emperors, which only means that they are no longer in this world…

all disappeared

What did you say!

As the son of the great emperor, you should know that these are just the great emperors’ good fortune, their hands and eyes are sky-high, and there will be no danger to their lives.

maybe out

what happened

I see

Don’t worry, my lord, at the moment of the enemy, if I am disturbed by this matter, I will lose my father’s reputation!

Lingxiao Palace guarding the mountain

The big array can’t stand it anymore!


The big formation is about to be broken. Once they are killed by them, I don’t know how many people will die in Lingxiao Palace!


What are you panicking about!

Hurry up and run, Lingxiao Palace can’t hold it anymore, it will be too late if you don’t run!


The great enemy doesn’t want to kill the enemy at the moment, but he is still threatening, listens to the confusion, and bears the heart. If you are my own son’s army, you will definitely!

Yang… Palace Lord Yang!


I can’t stand it anymore

Thanks a lot

Brother Yang

Palace Lord!

Now it’s up to Sister Hua to take over the palace lord’s orders, take a break!

What the hell is going on here? Where did these demons come from?
Also, why can’t I contact Master?

The situation is a bit complicated, I will tell Brother Ji in detail when I solve the immediate danger

poor old,

Escort Xiao’er to Long Island, tell the two elders about the matter, and invite the first and second elders

Deshima presides over the overall situation!

Yes, the child will live up to the entrustment of the righteous father!

Big brother, be more careful and your parents.

Don’t worry, big brother, no one can hurt our parents in one day

a hair

Soul attack?

This breath, this time, there is a semi-sage in the army of demons who came to attack Lingxiao Palace this time!

Ha ha,

Finally came a master, this is interesting!

Martial Peak Chapter 2515

Martial Peak Chapter 2515


Martial Peak Chapter 2515

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Martial Peak Chapter 2515

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Martial Peak Chapter 2515


Martial Peak Chapter 2515

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Martial Peak Chapter 2515

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 2515

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