Martial Peak Chapter 2514

Wu Roast Shi Feng

Tencent Jiyunman

The camp where Yu Rumeng, Bei Limo, and Chang Tian are stationed

This is the direction for the demon saints to escape!

The great emperors can’t even get in touch.. What happened!

At the same time, the sky above Canglang City

No matter what you do, never imagine!

what is this!

Could it be that the demons are here again?

a wasteland

Before you start, you must get the people in the city away!

Where is this?
what just happened

You are dead!

I’m worried about how to trap you, thank you so much for bringing it to your door!

Tencent dynamic certificate

Let me go!

What exactly are you planning?

You realize it’s too late now!

The battlefield in the Western Regions is just a pretense, what they really want to do is to completely open up the connection between the Star Realm and the Demon Realm!

However, Can Ye was able to open the channel between the two realms because of his special status, and he could use himself as a bridge to communicate between the two realms.

How did they do it?

In any case, if Huang Wuji is not resolved quickly, the star realm will be in great trouble!

It’s a pity it’s too late, the two worlds have been reconnected!

The Jagged Emperor really lives up to his reputation

The laws of the two great worlds meet, and the heaven and earth in this area have turned into demonic soil


not good!


Western Regions battlefield

Just now, I felt that the barrier between heaven and earth suddenly became much weaker, and then it was broken ten places.

What the hell is going on?
What do you mean by the barrier of heaven and earth just now? You have inherited the legacy of Lord Mingyue, and you should feel something in the dark

Maybe the great emperors destroyed the barrier of heaven and earth when they fought with them?

The breath of the great emperors. Disappeared

Who are they?


Fighting against demon saints in the astral world, the great emperors always have some natural advantages, how could they disappear for no reason?


If Lord Beast Wu is still in this world, no matter where I am, I can reach him in an instant, but there is no response now.

i also try

The ethereal bead I gave Rumeng didn’t respond either!
There is only one possibility..

That is they are no longer in the astral world!

The great emperors really disappeared. Will they go to the Demon Realm?

It’s possible, but how could they disappear at the same time?
Senior, why don’t I go to Demon Domain again?

Don’t be busy first, at least you have to figure out what happened to the great emperors before making plans

The channel between the two realms has been opened!

How can there be a two-world channel there?
Isn’t Canna only opened? !

No matter how this two-world tunnel appeared, I must seal it off as soon as possible!

Yang Kai?
How dare you kid yourself into the trap!

! Come so much?

Run away!

Yang Kai, don’t act alone!


How can you locusts come when you want to come to the star realm?

Where you want to go!

Martial Peak Chapter 2514

Martial Peak Chapter 2514


Martial Peak Chapter 2514

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Martial Peak Chapter 2514

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Martial Peak Chapter 2514


Martial Peak Chapter 2514

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Martial Peak Chapter 2514

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 2514

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