Martial Peak Chapter 1945

As long as the space magic array I set up, without this token or I open it myself, others cannot use it.

This matter is not in a hurry for the time being, everything will wait for him to repair the great formation of Bingxin Valley first.

I see!

I didn’t expect to arrive a step later, the Great Array of Enquiring Love Sect and Sect Protecting Sect was broken, and even the Wannian signboard was smashed…

Someone came out of it, shouldn’t it be a strong person from the Qingzong?

Below the Sect Master of the Asking Sect, the high-level officials are exhausted, even if someone escapes, how can they return to the sect

In my opinion, this person is definitely here to fight the autumn wind, but he just got here one step ahead of us, and… he will definitely gain something!

Li Qingyuan, the master of the Feiyuan Pavilion, I don’t know what to call the little brother?

It is this little brother who came here with many heroes from the Northern Territory. It was very sad to see the collapse of the Qingzong Mountain Gate. I wanted to go inside to find out, but I was afraid that the rash visit would lead to misunderstanding. Now the little brother came out from the inside. , then you must know a lot about the situation of Wen Qingzong, I wonder if you can explain a little bit to me?

There is no need to ask if we meet by chance

Just a group of more than a dozen emperors of one or two levels of you, dare to call them heroes of the Northern Territory?

What did you say?

Are you here for a bargain?
I’m just not sure if there are any strong people in the Qingzong, so I dare not go in, right?

Little brother, this is a bad word, we are all sect family forces that have some origins with Wenqing Sect

I heard that Qingzong suffered this catastrophe, mainly because I wanted to ask if there was anything I needed to do, how could it be to pick up something cheap?

You are so splendid to send charcoal to the Qingzong in the snow, are you not afraid that Bingxingu will trouble you?

Bingxingu will not. Lord Bingyun is a kindhearted person. Since I did not directly oppose Bingxingu, there is no need for her to take anger on me.

I see!














































Also an old cow!
Yang Shao can’t favor one over another.

Discuss this matter again!

What kind of virtue and ability does Yang Kai have to make the three demon kings so attached?
And what others can’t ask for, he has to discuss it again when it comes to him. This guy won’t really have a problem with his head, right?

Young Master Yang, are these people going to kill?

What to kill, no grievances and no enmity, didn’t you hear them say that they came to congratulate Ben Shao for founding a sect?

That’s right, Young Master Yang is wise!
Hurry, hurry up, bring the space ring!

Young Master Yang, the mere courtesy is not respectful, and I hope to accept it with a smile

It’s easy to talk, if there is no other order, Li will leave.

Li Zongzhu has a heart

Speaking of Fufu, I really need your help with something.

Ah…I don’t know what Young Master Yang has ordered?

Sect Master Li, don’t be so nervous, what I want you to do for me is very simple

After leaving this place, I did a little propaganda for Ben Shao in the Northern Territory, and said that Shao Ben occupied this land and built the Lingxiao Palace!

That’s what happened!
This is a trivial matter, and it is covered by someone Li

Well, since you are all heroes of the Northern Territory, when my Lingxiao Palace officially opens the mountain gate, I will definitely offer an invitation card, and I hope you will come to have a drink at that time.

Good, good, sure, sure!

A bunch of rubbish, why should Young Master give them face

It’s about this time, it’s time to send you back, you come with me

They are only interested in profit, and they have no grievances with me, why should they kill them all? Besides, if Lingxiao Palace wants to gain a foothold in the Northern Territory, they may have a place to help one day in the future.

Yeah yeah!
Young Master Yang, what else is there to ask me to wait, even if you open your mouth, the three of us must be defined.

Young Master Yang, we’re going to go back now, it’s only been a few days since we came out.

Young Master Yang, how about taking us to sweep the Northern Territory and unify the Northern Territory?

Yang Shao, Yang Shao

After all, you are the Demon Kings of the Ancient Land, and there are still three great saints above. That’s it, if there is anything good next time, I will call you at any time.

Yang Shaoke has to say what he says. At that time, only the three of us will be called, and no other guys will be called.

come here


I know, I know, but

Martial Peak Chapter 1945

Martial Peak Chapter 1945


Martial Peak Chapter 1945

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Martial Peak Chapter 1945

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Martial Peak Chapter 1945


Martial Peak Chapter 1945

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Martial Peak Chapter 1945

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1945

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