Martial Peak Chapter 1928

Steamed Bun


Purgatory City

Mr. Yang, this purgatory city is the closest city to Huangquanzong, and it is also one of the foundations of Huangquanzong-

I also have to ask Mrs. Feng to lead the way.

plz follow me

After getting along for the past few days, I found that this kid has a gentle temper and is polite to people.

It is completely different from the unruly performance in the ancient land that day.

Huang Quanzong

A few people over there, stop for me!

You are not from Huang Quanzong, are you?

There is a gloomy smell here, it is estimated that it has something to do with Huang Quanzong’s cultivation.

What smell, could these two be just now?  …

Mr. Yang, Fu Bo, the sect master of Huangquan Sect you are looking for, doesn’t know where his concubine is, so you have to ask someone.

Pancreas, what an iceberg beauty!


Ha, the petty temper is quite grumpy, I like it

Wow what a beautiful woman!
Hahaha, I have a lot of happiness today, I decided that you will be the one to sleep tonight!

Are young people so powerful now?

court death!

You… do you know who he is? He is the grandson of the great elder of Huang Quanzong!

Mrs. Feng, didn’t you say that you can’t be too presumptuous in the human sect, so you killed the grandson of the first elder, isn’t it good?

They were all bullied to Ben Gong’s head. Does Ben Gong still want to let him touch him?
Mr. Yang is not a good person either!

What are you talking about? . . . What is it about me? It’s people who want to insult you, not me

Why are you hiding behind me!

Haha…Instinct reaction Instinct reaction, it’s a piece of garbage, kill and kill Mrs. Feng, don’t care

He just deliberately dragged me into the water, and now it’s alright. He killed Huang Quanzong, the grandson of the great elder, in a fit of rage. The feud is settled.

I ask you, where is your suzerain now?

That mountain is the place where the sect master practiced.

Thank you!


黄泉宗 宫殿内





































Although Jill is a little ignorant, he is still young, and with the guidance of the old man, he can become a great tool in the future, but today he is dead!

Killed by this slut, my Zhou family… is the last!

Great elder shut up!
Please also put the overall situation first! Who is full of bitches and bitches, does he know that this person is at the level of a great emperor, and what will happen if he angers her?

Big picture?
The old man is dead, where is the overall situation! Today, the old man will kill these people even if he leaves Huang Quanzong!

what are you talking about

I pretended to leave the sect, and then the sect would definitely give in for the sake of the overall situation

With so many people dead, if there are no more great elders, then the strength of Huang Quanzong is bound to plummet. . . .

Elder Zhou?
Why didn’t you tell Sect Master Fu why your grandson died? If it wasn’t for that kid, who wanted to forcibly kidnap the lady beside me and go back to serve the bed, how could he die?


It’s over, it’s over, Zhou Ji, don’t look at anyone and start again!
Isn’t this just looking for death!

Take you on your way now

bun man book

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The light of a grain of rice also dares to fight for glory!

Lord save me? ..

Mr. Yang is really sorry, the concubine has forgotten his space ring again

No problem!

Sect Master Fu, Madam Feng killed the Great Elder of your sect, do you have any opinion?

Zhou Yong had already left the sect before, and he was not a member of the sect. Whether he lived or died had nothing to do with the sect!

Sect Master Fu really understands people, so let’s continue to talk about the compensation before!

No need, Fumou will make you satisfied

Sect Master Fu really has sincerity, and the grievance between this seat and Huang Quan Sect will be wiped out. From now on, the well water will not violate the river water. What is Fu Zong’s idea?

very good very good

Don’t rush to leave, there is a second thing to discuss with your sect

How could such a disaster be caused! !

Qi Po Wu Zhi Dao

Seek the pinnacle of martial arts

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This comic is collected by Bao Ziman

Martial Peak Chapter 1928

Martial Peak Chapter 1928


Martial Peak Chapter 1928

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Martial Peak Chapter 1928

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Martial Peak Chapter 1928


Martial Peak Chapter 1928

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Martial Peak Chapter 1928

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Martial Peak Chapter 1928

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