Martial Peak Chapter 1916

My Shiling family is born with very few people. In order to avoid confusion for the distinguished guests, this old man will introduce them to the distinguished guests.

This is the patriarch of the wood spirit clan, Muna

This is


No, no, I’ll just watch the fun

Steamed Bun

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In the ancient times, those holy spirits with brutal temperaments each possessed the ability to reach the sky and the earth.

It is rumored that the man did not surpass the powerhouses of his generation too much, but his strength was to restrain the Holy Spirit, and no Holy Spirit could resist in front of him. The Holy Spirit retreats from the wind


Shengtian Palace

That person spent countless years killing the evil Holy Spirit, took away the source power of those Holy Spirits, sealed them in the Holy Spirit Palace, and sealed the Holy Spirit Palace with great magic power!
He was born in the blood gate and broke the inheritance of the Holy Spirit. It can be said that he is the natural enemy of the Holy Spirit.


The two seniors specially asked me to come here to tell me about this. I don’t know what to expect?

This old man wants to ask the guests to do me a favor and let my Shiling-Clan retrieve the origin of the Holy Spirit of our ancestor Taiyue

Do you know a little about this?

I have consulted Shi Jiu on this matter, and he agreed.

Kindly invite your guests to help

Two seniors, this is difficult for the strong.

It’s not the case, I’m just following the will of God, please read

The pictures from this to the sixth are all talking about what happened when I let Xiaoxiao be born to the present?…·

The seventh picture is that someone is fighting in the blood gate, and there are casualties?… The eighth picture… means that with my help, Xiaoqi and Xiaoqi rushed into the blood gate?

Why is there only blood in the ninth picture?
what does that mean?

What are these pictures

The previous wood spirit patriarch was proficient in divination

The patriarch once noticed that the two clans were annihilated, and calculated the solution at the cost of his own life. These nine patterns are the solution that she left behind.

Elder Shi and I have been comprehending these nine patterns for more than a thousand years, but we still can’t understand them.

It was not until Shi Jiu was found from the outside world that we realized that the hope of the two clans lay in Shi Jiu and the distinguished guests.

Just based on these nine patterns?
Is it worth the two to risk the lives of both races?


This is providence, not an adventure!
We have been waiting for you for a long time!

This ninth picture doesn’t say things can be successful.

If this is a dead end, the previous generation of adults will not leave a revelation.

Guests… This matter, the junior needs to think about it, and then give the two of you an answer.

Too bad I couldn’t convince him on the spot

Too much, he’s not stupid

If I draw a happy ending, will he agree?

If only the last generation of adults had really left a revelation, we don’t have to join forces to deceive him.

Did you really decide that?

Well, go and tell the elder, I promised his business

Sir, did something happen?

Elder Shi Ling wants Xiaoxiao to enter the blood gate and inherit the power of the Holy Spirit

Isn’t the blood gate blocked now?

Yeah, but I can’t watch Tiny be in danger

Then I have to help too, this time is too dangerous, you just stay here and wait for me


I brought you out from the Zhang family, and I have the responsibility to protect your safety. When you are promoted to Emperor Zun, you will not retire if you participate in such a thing.



come out

Sir, Ruoxi will definitely help you this time

It’s you OOP

I’m going to the blood gate, do you know the specific direction?

That…can you do me a little favor?



Luanfeng, there is no good tea waiting for me to taste

Martial Peak Chapter 1916

Martial Peak Chapter 1916


Martial Peak Chapter 1916

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Martial Peak Chapter 1916

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Martial Peak Chapter 1916


Martial Peak Chapter 1916

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Martial Peak Chapter 1916

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1916

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