Martial Peak Chapter 1915

Who are you to the little guy?

The little guy was hatched with my own essence and blood, and the hand was big

It turns out that the noble person that the elders said is you!

How is Xiaoxiao now, hasn’t it encountered any danger over the years?

The little guy found the clan on his own years ago and it’s safe now

Do you have your own ethnic group?

The Shi Ni clan are naturally invulnerable and powerful. If they grow to their peak, a single one is enough to be difficult to deal with. If they come to a group, I am afraid that the Holy Spirit will have to retreat.

Is this the territory of your Stone Spirit Race?

This way I can contact other Shilings?

Xiaoxiao is indeed here, just now there was a bloodline sensation from the jungle


Boy Yang Kai, I have seen the elders, so I take the liberty to disturb me, and I also ask the elders not to take offense.

wait for me?

Don’t bother, my Shiling family has been waiting for you for a long time, and I finally came today

The distinguished guests have come from afar!
Please also follow the old man to the tribe to rest

What did the elder look at me before he left?

humming ·

These treehouses should be the residence of the Shiling clan!
Looking at the traces of the passage on the tree house, I don’t know how many years the Stone Spirits have lived here. Please rest on your own first. I will come back during dinner time.

You are naughty again, little guy! wait until i tell the elder to punish you

have work

Ah Mingming, Ah Ming?

Would you like to take us to see your tree house?

Look, sir, it looks like it’s yours


Is this what you taught yourself?

Ah Ming!

Well carved, great

Don’t sculpt next time… I’m back after all

Guest, the elders invite you to the banquet

The elder has a heart, the boy will come soon

so beautiful

Two guests please take a seat

you guy

My Shiling family is born with very few people. In order to avoid confusion for the distinguished guests, this old man will introduce them to the distinguished guests.

This is one stone and two

Shiba, my Shiling family is born with no more than ten, and after ten, it must be a day. This is the number of days.

It’s no wonder that although I got two Shiling embryos, only Xiao Xiao hatched.

Let the distinguished guests laugh, let’s start the dinner

Another had to become a Dharma body and survived, it turned out to be the destiny

This is the patriarch of the wood spirit clan, Muna

This is

This is the Muling clan, they are not good at fighting, they need our clan’s fart protection, and our clan needs to rely on them, they are living together.

Since you are a guest of the Stone Spirit Clan, you should be a guest of my Wood Spirit Clan, so don’t be polite.

It’s rare to be so happy, it’s better to come and fall!

Tencent animation


No, no, I’ll just watch the fun

This is the highest etiquette for the Shiling tribe to entertain guests. Please don’t refuse.

Woolen cloth?
Do I look shy?

Guests don’t have to worry about making a move

What the hell!
Baby, you can’t do this to me

bun man book

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman, for more free comics, please search “Bao Ziman”

Using the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, maybe you can still follow him…

Throat, forget it.
Rarely so happy

Woolen cloth?

Too embarrassing, not an opponent at all.

Woolen cloth?
Little is this?

To avenge me?

Martial Peak Chapter 1915

Martial Peak Chapter 1915


Martial Peak Chapter 1915

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Martial Peak Chapter 1915

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Martial Peak Chapter 1915


Martial Peak Chapter 1915

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Martial Peak Chapter 1915

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1915

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