Martial Peak Chapter 1871

Since Brother Yin likes to be singled out so much, then it’s better to singled out this group of friends!
I’m sure they’ll have a good time with you

Yang Kai, don’t go too far in being a human being, I will even hand over the space to you, what else do you want?


Brother Yang didn’t have the guts to fight with me, but no one laughed at you, why be so bewildered

Brother Yin is a direct disciple of the sect master of Huangquan Sect in the Eastern Region. I am only a lonely man. Of course I don’t have the courage to fight with you. If I accidentally kill you, wouldn’t it be a big disaster?

You don’t have the guts to fight with Yin Lesheng, why do you want us to go, we won’t go!

That seat can only ring the bell of mountains and rivers, shocking this little bastard Yin Lesheng to death!

Ben said that.
Whoever doesn’t hand over the space, this young master will let whoever die!

No, brother Yang, calm down!


Shura Earthshade!

The wisp of Shura that I hid on the ring is Huang Quanzong’s secret technique

With Huangquan Yin Qi condensing the power of the earth, it will die instantly, and no one under the emperor’s realm can resist!

How, how is it possible?

You dare to plot against me!


For revenge, Yin Mou is only fighting for the day and it is too late for ten years, Yang Kai should die!

Brother Yin, we are here to help you!

Yang Kai, hurry up!

I tell you to die first!

can’t get away

Want my life?

bun man book

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman. For more free comics, please search “Bao Ziman”

what happened?
Why is this bell different from the previous one?

Hahaha, self-inflicted can’t live!
Let’s go together, let this surnamed Yang die without a burial

not good

It’s space collapse….


Unexpectedly, the sudden power of the mountain and river bell shattered the void.

Void tunnel:

ah one

Blue Wo girl!

Yang Kai?

yes it’s me

I’m caught up in a strange force

Can’t get out, don’t get close

Don’t worry, this is the undercurrent of the void, I’ll save you now












































Chang Hao didn’t even save you, why do you want me to save you?

Brother Yang, Yin Lesheng is with Chang Hao. I can tell you where Yin Lesheng is. I don’t ask you to save me, I just want to kill Chang Hao?  …

If you can find Chang Hao, smash him into ten thousand pieces for me!

Don’t mention that scumbag’s name!
Sooner or later I will kill him! they went there

This is easy to handle, I promise you!

Thank you…

I have accepted your star seal, and it is the interest that you all attacked me together before. For the rest, you can ask for more blessings.

Asshole, bastard!

Mountain and river clock?
actually here

You are not dead!

You are not dead, why should Yin brother be so shocked

Brother Yin, it’s easy for people to misunderstand what you say. It’s like we have a good relationship.

No matter what your relationship is with me, it’s a good thing you don’t die anyway

There is no grievance between you and me, why don’t you all laugh at your grievance here?

This, this… I heard right?
Brother Yin, you actually want to laugh at me?

My brain is not broken, but I am very awake

Because I know that if you want to leave this place, Brother Yang’s strength is essential

Your brain is broken?

I understand what Brother Yin means, but why do you think I will take you out?

Don’t you want to inquire about that Ni?

Is Ni of great use to you?

where is it!

Thanks for helping along the way

Sculpted together

Yang Kai*Xin Shao’s activity breaks through Daoyuan and ascends to the top of the end-of-year monthly pass total list. Exclusive last page

This manga was collected and sorted by Bao Ziman.

Martial Peak Chapter 1871

Martial Peak Chapter 1871


Martial Peak Chapter 1871

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Martial Peak Chapter 1871

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Martial Peak Chapter 1871


Martial Peak Chapter 1871

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Martial Peak Chapter 1871

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1871

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