Martial Peak Chapter 1864

That…Yang Kai, I want to act alone

Is it because the four people share too little power?

No, just?….I can feel that this Sea of ​​Broken Stars is a reborn place for me, and there is an opportunity waiting for me somewhere!
i want to see

She is now at the pinnacle of Daoyuan Realm, and if she has such a feeling at this critical critical point, it is very likely that there is really some chance waiting for her.

If you can really break through Shuan Kai here and be promoted to Emperor Senior Realm, source crystal is essential.

Miss Hua, you’re welcome

don’t move


Yang Kai, thank you, you are the best person in the world for me

It’s been almost a month since they were separated from Hua Qingsi. During this time, the source of the harvest is not much, but there are more than a dozen people who are looking for trouble, throat?

Found another star source!

It looks like there are two coming first.

Daoyuan third-layer?

This friend invited me to ask Guan Qi, a disciple of Qingzong, in the Lower Eastern Region. I don’t know what to call my friend?

There are two five-pointed star seals again, it seems that they have killed a lot of people!

It’s none of your business whether I’m from the Eastern Region or not!

Ask Qingzong?

Friends are also from the East Region?

Ask Qingzong what kind of thing, and dare to show it on the poster of Broken Star, really don’t know how long his face is

Junior sister Yu Ying, a disciple of Huangquan Sect in the Eastern Region, has seen this senior!

Huang Quanzong!

This senior seems to have heard of our Huang Quan Sect?

Take this opportunity to inquire about a little news

I’ve heard it before, Huang Quanzong’s name is like thunder, I’ve heard it before, why haven’t I heard it?

Is this attitude too much?
Shameless! A womanizer with soft legs when she sees a woman!

What is the relationship between this senior and me, Huang Quan Zong?
I’m from the Great Desolate Star Region, I don’t know if you haven’t heard of it!

Great Desolate Star Territory?
Brother Yin Lesheng is actually from the same star region…





























Boy, offend junior sister, this can’t be left alone

The good thing is that the junior sister didn’t suffer any injuries, otherwise Feng Mou will take your life!

Brother Feng

You are alone in it

Sister, I will accompany you

Brother Feng, you are so kind

Junior sister put it away, just treat it as a greeting gift from me

Senior brother is just borrowing flowers to offer Buddha, don’t worry about it

By the way, I haven’t seen Senior Brother Yin for several years, why don’t we go find him now!

How can it be so simple, although our Huang Quan Zong exercises can sense each other’s position, but this vast sea of ​​​​stars may not be seen when it is closed.
But it’s not that there is no chance for Senior Brother Yin to go inside. We just need to continue to go deeper, and we will have a chance to sense their position.

So what are you waiting for, go now!

Oops, it is important to find Senior Brother Yin, but the origin here cannot be missed.

Oh yes, I almost forgot it thanks to the reminder from my junior sister.
Then refine it separately.


Senior Brother Feng, how come the power of the source has gathered towards your position, Senior Brother Feng…

Senior Brother Feng, are you also a star master?

Yes, I am also a star master in the Great Desolate Star Territory

Senior Brother Feng is also a star master?
I heard that the martial artist who is the star master in this sea of ​​broken stars, the speed of refining the power of the source is far more than human beings. I thought it was just a legend from the world, but now it seems to be true!

If such a person can be drawn by me, and then enter the Yellow Springs Sect, wouldn’t my status rise with water?

Sister Yu has won the award,

Yu Junior Sister, I consume a lot of money, so I can use it in Junior Sister’s secret room.

This taste!
very unpleasant smell

I don’t know how many people this woman has invited into this shuttle…

Stop… How can anyone get on my mother’s boat and do nothing serious!

Senior Brother Feng, do you want to lie down and rest?

Wait for me, hum!

Apology announcement

In December 2021, the Shaanxi immortal friends who will reach the emperor’s pole:

After communicating with a number of courier companies, we learned that

Currently due to the epidemic

All couriers in Shaanxi are temporarily out of service. It is very shocking and very embarrassing. I can’t mail the surrounding prizes to you now.

We will post it as soon as possible after the courier resumes operation. Thank you for your love and support for “Wu Lian Pinnacle”!

One Ka studio

Steamed Bun

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman. For more free comics, please search for “Bao Ziman”

Martial Peak Chapter 1864

Martial Peak Chapter 1864


Martial Peak Chapter 1864

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Martial Peak Chapter 1864

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Martial Peak Chapter 1864


Martial Peak Chapter 1864

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Martial Peak Chapter 1864

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1864

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