Martial Peak Chapter 1842

Hasn’t the master already opened the door?
Until when?

come with me, come with me!

Everyone goes in, the master is in there, you all know the rules, just do it yourself

Meet the master!

This man offered to see me, what was his purpose?


What to refine, take out the materials, and talk about your requirements

I would like to ask the master to repair this set of array flags

This set of things is from the hands of the old man, it is not difficult to repair

I don’t know what materials I need, so I don’t have any preparations. If the master asks, I can buy them. The source crystal is not a problem.

Do you see me as someone who lacks source crystals?

Don’t ask, just threw my high-level spiritual purification array into the refining furnace, and then told me not to use the source crystal. Isn’t this a price hike?

What does the master want?

What if I can’t afford the remuneration he wants, then do I still need this high-level spiritual purification array?

bun man book

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You want my life, can I give it to you?
The boy’s style is extremely unruly, as expected, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked, the real person is as his name, Sander Sander is virtuous!

Then see what you can give me

What does the master want?
If I can do it, I will do my best

Soul attack?

What is this guy going to do?

what are you doing?

Hahaha really?..

If I hadn’t been merciful to you just now, you’d be abolished, and if you were abolished, where would I find someone to repair the spiritual formation!

Don’t be nervous, little brother, it’s just a small test for you, no malice

old man just now

Just kidding?
What test uses a sneak attack, and it is a sneak attack by the soul!

Because what the old man does requires the power of the soul, if it is not easy for the little brother to deal with the same level of warriors, the old man will not bother to test you.

Is it my pleasure to say that?

Little brother, don’t be impatient, and sit down and listen to the old man’s slow talk











































Does taking that thing have something to do with the strength of the soul?

Since that thing is a tool to go out, why is it not here with you?

Exactly, you can take over 70% of the power of the old man’s soul, even if you are not as good as the old man, it is not far behind, otherwise the old man will tell you this?

It was made by my master. With the ability of this old man, I can’t make it for the time being.

There are such powerful characters in this secret realm, how can they not be known?

It is said that Sander has spied on the mystery of the Emperor Tool Master, and he can’t even refine it. Isn’t his master the Emperor Tool Master?

My master does not live in Tongtian City, and he has never revealed his skill in refining in front of outsiders, so he is not known by others.

You go directly to get your master’s things, he has no opinion?

Master, his old man died five years ago, what else can you say?

What is your brother’s name?

It turned out to be Senior Brother Yang, why, Senior Brother Yang is still an alchemist?

Yang Kai

Well, I barely understand

Are you really Daoyuan level?

you are high energy

All right, don’t surround him, go do your own thing


Martial Peak Chapter 1842

Martial Peak Chapter 1842


Martial Peak Chapter 1842

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Martial Peak Chapter 1842

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Martial Peak Chapter 1842


Martial Peak Chapter 1842

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Martial Peak Chapter 1842

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1842

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