Martial Peak Chapter 1767


what woman?

In the wing of the Wanshengfeng Palace


Crispy…I have seen Palace Master Wen!

You should know the purpose of calling you here, right?
I heard some guesses from Brother Xia

Ha ha

The boy is not demanding

The boy is very cautious!
Well, I asked you to come here, I really want to give you a reward

But you are not a disciple of my temple, you are an outsider. In terms of rewards, this is a difficult place for me?  …

What reward do you want for yourself?
Come and listen if you can, this seat can satisfy you!

What reward can Hall Master Wen give to the boy?

Combined with the number of star seals you handed over, this seat can call the shots, open the door to the treasure house of the temple, and let you enter and choose three things to bring out!

What a great handwriting. As one of the top sects in the Southern Region, the treasure house is naturally rare and countless. If I take three samples, it will definitely give me a qualitative leap.

In the treasure house of the temple, there are countless secret treasures and elixir, and there are two imperial treasures.

But I won’t tell you if you need to find it yourself. In addition, there are many cultivation experiences and insights of the powerful emperors in the emperor realm.

The cultivation experience and perception experience of Emperor Zunjing

Hall Master Wen, can I ask, Brother Xia, what rewards will they get this time?

Also enter the treasure house, choose three things to bring out?

It seems? Brother Xia and the others can get rewards that are a little different from me.

Yo ho kid got the point

Yes, it is indeed different, after all, they are temple disciples, and you are not

However, you also have the opportunity to get the same reward as them, but I don’t know if you want it or not.

Appreciate further details!

Eight hundred years ago, I accidentally found something in the Qingyang Mountains, but I couldn’t take it away, so I left behind to create the Qingyang Temple!
Do you know why this temple can compete with other top sects in a short period of time?

Is it because of that thing?











































Mother-in-law, you are here just because of a bet with the palace master, why are you?  …

You yellow-haired girl knows what Wen Zishan is, if it weren’t for the old lady who was not his opponent, he would have been broken into pieces…

Forget it… Do you want to go in?

Well, then you can find a stone room each!

bun man book

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Only the spirit body can enter the mirror, the temple master built these stone chambers for your safety

As long as the prohibition is opened, the physical safety can be kept. Without the prohibition token or the palace master himself, no one can destroy the stone room and damage your physical body.

Next up will be Grandma Lao!

No need for your nonsense!

Jiu Yao Shun Xing Yuan Shi Pai Hua Jingying? ..

In the mirror!

That’s impossible! impossible?

That kid has such a treasure?
Did the old man see it wrong? Damn, damn it!

Whether or not the wife is wrong, it is necessary to go in and verify!

Wen Zishan, you will save my life, not because the opening of the Shenyou Mirror requires the drive of the Emperor Zun’s third-layer spiritual sense.

If it’s really that thing, Wen Zishan, are you screwed haha?… Hahahaha…

Don’t think that the old lady doesn’t know your sinister intentions and will make you pay the price sooner or later!

Yes, all the creatures in this world are condensed by the soul, here, I want to remind you, try to avoid any contact with outsiders

In the Shenyou Mirror, there are many powerful beings that you cannot afford to provoke.

So you don’t quite understand

Xia Sheng, go and deal with this red-eyed evil pig

not good

Grand Primordial Palm!

Why can’t I hit anything?

Because we enter this world as a spirit body, most of the secret techniques we usually practice are of no use here!

Oh I got it

Martial Peak Chapter 1767

Martial Peak Chapter 1767


Martial Peak Chapter 1767

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Martial Peak Chapter 1767

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Martial Peak Chapter 1767


Martial Peak Chapter 1767

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Martial Peak Chapter 1767

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1767

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