Martial Peak Chapter 1735


No, just a bit similar, but not her

What is this?”

I don’t know, but I can feel that she doesn’t look like she’s going to hurt her.

Just gone?

Return to Void Realm!


Could the phantom be the projection of the legacy of the ancestors of the Zhang family?
! What kind of bloodline power did Ruoxi inherit?  …

Master, I want to go back first

She seems to be in a bad state…




Congratulations, you have successfully broken through to the Void Return Realm

Woolen cloth·..

Return to Void Realm?

Someone attacked us?

what happened?

Just a few idiots

What’s the matter with you?

I slept and became what I am now,

Slept a party?

So you don’t know anything about what happened before?

It is rumored that some alien beasts and holy spirits will slowly awaken the power of blood in their bodies through the accumulation of time, reaching this point.

top of the world

Zhang Ruoxi’s current situation is somewhat similar to the inheritance of these monsters and the Holy Spirit

Ruoxi, has anyone explained to you the promotion of the Void Return Mirror and the consolidation of the potential field?


In the past, Ruoxi’s strength was still very low at home. The ancestor said that he would tell me this when I reached the third-layer of the Holy King…

She had condensed the potential field before, and it was simply done in one go!

How to condense the potential field, I am afraid that it has already been deeply rooted in her soul, this is definitely the reason for the inheritance of blood power!


You have just been promoted, and it is important to consolidate your cultivation base. Let’s go back to Xiaoxuan Realm first.

Sir, is there something wrong with Ruoxi’s cultivation?


I also know to come back, it seems that the harvest is not small.

I also know to come back, it seems that the harvest is not small.

Are you waiting for me on a special trip?

Ah Ke


What is this stuff?
Almost scared the old lady to death!

Get off me!
Or do you want to be like them?

You thought I was willing to stick to you, if I hadn’t been frightened by these two households…  

These two households are too abnormal. What kind of sorcery did he practice?
What makes people like this? …

Steamed Bun

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You go back to Xiaoxuanjie first, and I have to rush to Winter’s Domain

Wait a moment!

There is a hidden treasure in Liangji Mountain, are you interested in exploring it?

Originally, I planned to go by myself. After all, this time, I have a share of the 40 places in the Star God Palace!
For the Land of Four Seasons, I have already been preparing, if not for this accident?.

Two seasons mountain?

Don’t worry, although I don’t know what you are going to do in the Winter’s Domain, this trip is just a drop in and it won’t take much time.

Have an exact location?

That secret treasure is just some clues I spied from the records of the sect’s classics

Although there is a map, the direction is not very clear, and only a general range is delineated

So, you don’t even know what’s in there?

How to say?

It seems that you don’t know much about the land of the four seasons!

Do you know who the land of the four seasons was born for?

you know?

If I don’t know, what are you doing?


The Great Emperor of the Years, have you heard of it?

Since ancient times, even the top powerhouses have the possibility of falling!

The Great Emperor of the Years is one of them. No one knows how the Great Emperor fell, but rumors…

The land of the four seasons is a secret cave of the great emperor of the years. The power of the four seasons is the manifestation of the great power of the emperor of the years, and it will not dissipate all year round.

And somewhere in the land of the four seasons, there is a majestic temple, the temple of the years.

Among them are the infinite benefits left by the Great Emperor of the years, such as saying that the divine art that the Great Emperor has cultivated, the Divine Judgment of the Years, may be in it!

Time flies, the magical power comes out, and in a thousand years, the middle person loses his lifespan in silence and naturally dies!


And the secret treasure I mentioned is about the Temple of Time!

But if you find it troublesome, then don’t go

doing what?

Get the map!
let me see!

I warn you, if you dare to use force, I will…

How are you?
Listen well! There are few people here, no one will come to save you even if you cry out!

You are shameless, beast!
Don’t come here…. I’ll call if you come again…

just for you

A big man bullies me a weak woman, you have no shame!

Qi Po Wu Zhi Dao

Seek the pinnacle of martial arts

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This comic is collected by Bao Ziman

Martial Peak Chapter 1735

Martial Peak Chapter 1735


Martial Peak Chapter 1735

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Martial Peak Chapter 1735

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Martial Peak Chapter 1735


Martial Peak Chapter 1735

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Martial Peak Chapter 1735

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1735

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