Martial Peak Chapter 1723

If it really came from there, there’s no way we didn’t know

However, the rising stars of this generation are really talented!

Yes?…Princess Lan Xun perfectly inherited the Mingyue phantom of the Mingyue Emperor. I heard that she was promoted to Daoyuan realm more than a year ago. Tianwu Holy Land also has a yin and yang twin, although Zhuang Bufan of Wuhua Hall is not special. Physical, but talented and intelligent, at a young age, he is the third-layer of Daoyuan

This time, the land of the four seasons, I think it will be a land of arrogance. Suddenly I feel that this southern region is already their southern region, and I am old.

Although the two chambers of commerce mainly focus on business, they have also recruited many outstanding talents in recent years…

Back room for a few days

We will meet at Luoying Peak in seven days. Time is running out.

Wen Zishan is right, I can’t even use the fur of a million swords, what kind of power would it be if it was fully utilized?


This is?….

This is”

Holy Spirit?

Go to the main hall


Steamed Bun

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Elder Gao, that thing just now… is it the messenger of that lord?

It should be, but I’ve only heard about it, never seen it with my own eyes

The adult who actually labored to send a message, it seems that there has been a great change in this world?

huh…that kind of thing

After hearing from Lord Tianshu, this time in the Land of Four Seasons… the situation has changed!

Tianshu?·· Great Emperor!

It is really the Emperor Tianshu!
It is rumored that he can see into the secrets of heaven, see through the past, and see through the future! Is it true?

But….the land of the four seasons, how could Lord Tianshu come forward?

So, things have changed!

Broken Star Sea?

It is the Sea of ​​Fragmented Stars where the famous Heaven-devouring Emperor was buried.

This time, the land of the four seasons?…I have a connection with the Sea of ​​Broken Stars!


No wonder the Land of Four Seasons attracts the attention of Lord Tianshu

In that battle that year, if it wasn’t for Emperor Tianshu’s action, it would be impossible to figure out the end of the Heaven Devouring Emperor, and the Star Territory would still be under the power of the Heaven Devouring Emperor.

Lord Tianshu… What did he say 3

In fact, it’s not that serious, but this time, there will be star marks in the land of the four seasons, which makes people a little unpredictable!

Star print?
Credentials to enter the Sea of ​​Broken Stars?

Rumor has it that in the Sea of ​​Broken Stars, there is the mystery of becoming the Great Emperor, and it also hides the many secrets and supernatural powers of the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor.


It’s a pity that the opportunity has come now!
Emperor Zun strong can not enter


I know what you want to say. Stars have always appeared randomly. This time is probably a coincidence. It happened to meet the opening of the Four Seasons.

Now that you have received the communication from Lord Tianshu, let all the disciples work hard to find it.

The number of star seals is related to the number of disciples who enter the Fragment Star Sea in the future. Don’t be careless!

Well, since things have changed, let’s go earlier!
Send the order down, tomorrow morning, everyone will gather and set off!


Elder Gao, don’t forget what you promised me…

Have to…. so?

Want to go back on it? Isn’t this bad?….No one can stand without faith.

My subordinates understand!
I won’t call the Lord of the Palace?… Disappointment!

I’ll wait and see!

Sister Gao?…

Don’t say anything, I’ll find out tomorrow

second sunset peak

It seems that the news that Xiao Baiyi notified last night is true…

He is the one who turned out to be a Daoyuan realm…

Daoyuan first-level can also go to the land of four seasons?

Just wait until you leave

Yang Kai!
What is more expensive than?

Are you the outsider who defeated Xue Yi?

My name is Xia Sheng!
The first place in the Zongmen martial arts!

Qi Po Wu Zhi Dao

Seek the pinnacle of martial arts

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This comic is collected by Bao Ziman

Martial Peak Chapter 1723

Martial Peak Chapter 1723


Martial Peak Chapter 1723

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Martial Peak Chapter 1723

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Martial Peak Chapter 1723


Martial Peak Chapter 1723

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Martial Peak Chapter 1723

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1723

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