Martial Peak Chapter 1717

Did you bring the token?

Back to the cook, the token was brought by Qin.

This is not the place to talk, just follow me to meet someone

On the Wansheng Peak, the main peak of Qingyang Temple

After those people brought us here, they didn’t care

Brother Yang, you said…

Will not!

If they were really against us, they would have already done it, and we have a chance to resist?
And I heard the meaning of those people talking just now, it seems that many people don’t know who the token owner is!

Qin Mou still has no idea who he is!

I don’t know if it’s normal

Eighty percent of the time!

However, the general third-layer emperor may not have the ability to make Qingyang Temple so embarrassed, that person?·

Brother Yang means, one of those ten adults?

token, man in blouse

Hall Master, did you think of something?

Old Joe

Since you have thought of it yourself, why bother to ask me…

Lord of the Palace!

Wandering red dust, game world…·

Alright, alright, in this world, who else would engrave the token that symbolizes their identity like that, and who would wear such tasteless clothes?
There is only one answer….

Red Dust Emperor!

Xiao Xueting is very smart, so I guessed it

What reward do you want?
Uncle can satisfy you

Hall Master, please respect yourself!
I am not the little girl I used to be, I am more than 200 years old now!

Two hundred years old?.. still very young

I still like the way you were when you were a child, but you are so cold when you grow up?  …

Lord of the Palace, let’s get down to business!

Okay, the Great Emperor Hongchen is the most mysterious person among the top ten emperors. Old things have always been ghosts and ghosts.

old stuff

Hall Master, is it okay to call it that?
What if the grown-up was called to know?






























Back to the adults, it is for a grandson of Xiao Lao’er!
She suffers from a chronic disease that must be cured by a spiritual fruit in the Land of Four Seasons

That old man saw this point back then, so he handed over a certain token to Ziqin!

That’s what happened!
Since the adult said it, it is not easy for the master of the hall to refuse, but it is only a matter of quota…

However: this matter has always been in charge of an elder of my temple?  …

Xiao Xueting…  


Ahem…Elder Gao!
You heard what you said just now, how do you arrange this?

The Land of the Four Seasons will open after January, and the places have already been confirmed.

This is also? ..

If you want to take back a quota now, some people will definitely be unwilling!

Entering the Land of Four Seasons is something they have longed for

But after all, this is the meaning of the adult… This seat is difficult to handle.

The subordinate has a proposal!

The old man said that entering the Land of Four Seasons is for the convenience of obtaining a kind of spiritual fruit. Maybe I have this thing in the Qingyang Temple.

Back to Elder Gao, the little old man only asks for a calamity!


Elder Chen, you have been in charge of the warehouse of my temple, is there any catastrophe in the treasure house?

Subordinates need to check!

how long?

One quarter of an hour!


Puff, what’s the origin of this little guy?
To make Xiao Xueting care so much


where have i seen you?
I always feel that you are a little familiar!


Qi Po Wu Zhi Dao

Seek the pinnacle of martial arts

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Martial Peak Chapter 1717

Martial Peak Chapter 1717


Martial Peak Chapter 1717

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Martial Peak Chapter 1717

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Martial Peak Chapter 1717


Martial Peak Chapter 1717

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Martial Peak Chapter 1717

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Martial Peak Chapter 1717

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