Martial Peak Chapter 1708

Inside the Xuanjie Pearl

Sure enough, the life force emanating from the youth tree can well replenish the vitality that Ruoxi lost…  

When refining dragon scales into the body before, because of insufficient cultivation, he almost died.

Now I have been promoted to the level of Daoyuan realm?  …

I am confident that I will be able to refine it in one fell swoop!


Looking closer, this fire spirit energy is really not ordinary horror

Hmph, under my law of heaven and earth, do you still want to struggle to survive?

bun man book

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Demon Transformation

I don’t believe that I can’t subdue you, the blood of a true dragon.

It’s so patient, I haven’t finished refining it yet.

Not resisting?

Finally ·


Lied to me?

You actually want to destroy my meridians and flesh?  …

Sure enough?…..still not working?

Although Golden Blood is constantly repairing the injury, I gradually feel that the speed of repair cannot keep up with the damage.

Does this guy… know that I can’t do it, is he looking at me?

I lied to you too!

Jin Shenglong·Original Power

Waiting for you for a long time!

Although each dragon family is born strong, they rely too much on the power of blood.

The deep-rooted bloodline suppression is extremely obvious, and the bloodline of Jin Shenglong is undoubtedly much higher than that of the fire dragon.

I deliberately let go of the defense just now and let the fire dragon wantonly destroy the body…

Although risky, but finally turned the corner

Spirituality is gone, you can activate the power of dragon blood

Repair the meridians and flesh and blood first, then refine…



Steamed Bun

Just refining a drop of true dragon blood has such a miraculous effect

If the keel sword Dicui is completely refined into the body, what will happen?

Fortunately, it has been crudely refined before, so it only takes some time to slowly integrate it?  …



good sir


The adults have been closed for a while,

Martial Peak Chapter 1708

Martial Peak Chapter 1708


Martial Peak Chapter 1708

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Martial Peak Chapter 1708

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Martial Peak Chapter 1708


Martial Peak Chapter 1708

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Martial Peak Chapter 1708

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1708

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