Martial Peak Chapter 1549

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Wulian Dou Feng’s drunken beer cartoon Mo Mo’s original work

adapted drawing

Dark Star Three Days Later

Sure enough, it is more powerful than the field

If you can really comprehend the laws of heaven and earth, then you can follow the law.

What is the next realm?
Can control such a powerful force

If you go further up, will you be able to spy on more?

Forget it, maybe it’s too early for me to think about it

Time to go back and join them

What is this stuff?


You’re back

What’s the catch?

There are more than 2,000 leftover skeletons that I can’t find, but I found a few battleships that can still be used

So good, nothing else, let’s go back first

Xiaoxiao fell into a deep sleep, indicating that it has obtained the remaining origin.
Liu Yan also has an unrefined scorching fire in his body. Thinking about it, he got something good, right?

Yang Kai, I have personally verified your ability.

The space array of the eighteen stars of our chamber of commerce is about to work for you

I need to deal with the next thing – I will not be able to see you for a while.

It’s ok

However, the boy now has a ruthless request

Can you give me the Star Emperor decree from the Chamber of Commerce!

Star Emperor

Did Xue Yue tell you?
What do you want that star emperor order to do?

Seniors will see this

Is this true?

How dare you joke about this kind of thing?

No wonder you want that Star Emperor decree. If so, it’s okay to give it to you, but these six Void King 3-layer powerhouses?

If the seniors are counted, the boy already has four candidates.
I just don’t know if senior has the idea of ​​going to the astral world to explore.

I can’t give you an answer right now, but I think, even if I don’t go, Master Long must be very interested in this.

Senior Long?














































Of course, it will not let you contribute in vain. Every time a super space array is set up, we will pay for it.

If you have enough remuneration, please don’t refuse Brother Yang.

Brother Gu, don’t do this, I promise

That’s great, I wonder when Brother Yang will set off?
Let’s go back early!

Tomorrow, go directly to Ao Jupiter, where I have arranged a super space magic circle

Tencent animation

You can rest assured, after you leave, I will retreat and attack the virtual king realm!

Your women are all so good, I don’t want to be at the bottom

Don’t stress too much, you’re great too

By the way, when Senior Aio returns safely, you remember to give this thing to him

what is this?

Great Elder Xuhui!

Welcome to the Holy Master!

Don’t be busy calling me that

I heard Elder Yuying and An Linger talk about the situation. Is there anything I can help here?

dare not…
It’s the little things, you don’t need to intervene

He still doesn’t want to be the Holy Lord!

Only the Holy Lord’s Spirit Ring can restart the enchantment and formation

In less than half a day, the enchantment and formation of the entire Holy Land were restarted:

Martial Peak Chapter 1549

Martial Peak Chapter 1549


Martial Peak Chapter 1549

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Martial Peak Chapter 1549

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Martial Peak Chapter 1549


Martial Peak Chapter 1549

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Martial Peak Chapter 1549

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1549

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