Martial Peak Chapter 1539

Steamed Bun

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman. For more free comics, please search “Bao Ziman”

This flying star moon sedan was specially built by the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce for the master, and it is 10% faster than the best star shuttle.

The women are also dedicated to the master by the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce. This thing has almost become the symbol of the master.

Brother Xueyue, haven’t seen you for several years, have you missed me?

It turned out to be sister Zuo Ling… I wonder who is so bold, sister Zuo Ling, let me go first

I haven’t seen you for a few years. Brother Xue Yue has become more and more handsome and martial. No wonder those women in the star field are obsessed with you. They are very obsessed.

Sister Zuo Ling has won the prize!

Linger, don’t be rude!

Congratulations to the master for your hard work!

Meet the master!
Master worked hard all the way!

Hehe, a handful of old bones, the road is a little bumpy, I have to wait for a long time!

The master is tired all the way, do you need this seat to arrange a place for you to rest for a while?

Well, that’s fine, the old man is really tired.

I’m just polite, how can you take it seriously?

Was the anxiety on my face not obvious enough?

Or are you old-fashioned and don’t see it?

Hehe, if the master feels tired, it doesn’t matter if he takes a few days off, anyway, he has waited for so long, so don’t be in a hurry

The old man is just joking, of course, it is important to save people!

Then thank you master

This person only has two levels of Void Return, is he really as powerful as everyone says?

Zhan Yuan has met his mentor, and the mentor is really kind-hearted. He has worked hard all the way, but he focuses on saving people. He is a role model for my generation, and Zhan Yuan admires it!

Oh it’s you!
He is already a virtual mid-grade alchemist, he is progressing well, work hard

bun man book

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman, for more free comics, please search “Bao Ziman”

If it weren’t for the guidance of his mentor back then, Zhan Yuan would never have achieved today’s achievements. The mentor is above, please accept Zhan Yuan’s worship!

Yes, back then, the old man just saw that you were unhappy and gave a few casual instructions. I didn’t expect you to remember that today, if you are willing, you can follow the old man in the future.

willing! Many thanks to the teacher, the disciple will follow the teacher closely in the future!


It seems that this kid Zhan Yuan is talking ill of Yang Kai. It’s a pity that he offended a virtual king-level alchemist. There is absolutely no one in the world who will give him alchemy.

Originally had the opportunity to break through to the third-layer virtual king, but now it has to be terminated early!

?…that’s the way it is

Master, inside please!

President Ai Ou, the old man came to Shuitiancheng this time, firstly, to refine the Soul Transformation Pill for Mrs. Gu, and secondly, there is another thing that needs your consent.

If there is anything the master needs, just open it up, I will never refuse what the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce can do.

Since President Aio said so, the old man will not be around the corner.

The old man came this time to propose marriage to my granddaughter

Propose marriage?

Miss Zuo Ling is the granddaughter of your grandmaster. She has a high status and is born with such a natural beauty. I don’t know which bastard in the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce is so fortunate, so that Miss Zuo Ling has taken her fancy?

President Ai Ou is clearly pretending to be confused. In this world, there are not many people who can be worthy of Linger, but there is one person in this Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, and Linger and him have known each other since childhood. love him

Hearing that the old man was coming to Shuitian City this time, he followed him with a shameless face, forcing the old man to propose marriage.

If I don’t agree, I will burn the old man’s beard… Hey, this girl really spoils me.


What is this expression?

Don’t Brother Xueyue like me?

Master said… Could it be Xue Yue?

It is the third son with outstanding talent, the dragon among people, who is also born with Fengshen and handsome, and the future successor of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, enough to be worthy of my family Linger.

If President Ai Ou can agree to this marriage, hehe, the old man also has a person who will end his life. I am afraid that he will live in Shuitiancheng in the future.

If you can get a virtual king-level alchemist like Zuo De as your in-laws, the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce will definitely be a pity in the future?. Xue Yue is a daughter!
! !

Does President Aio have any concerns?

Not so, not so, the master misunderstood

The old man came to propose marriage today, so the soul-changing pill is the sincerity of the old man

If President Ai Ou can agree to this matter, the old man can refine ten bottles of virtual king-level elixir for the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce every year in the future

Ten bottles of virtual king-level elixir!
! !

In previous years, not only did he have to provide a lot of material rewards, but he was willing to refine 20 depending on his mood.

This old man was still hiding before!

Does President Ai Ou feel that… the old man is not sincere enough?
Or is it

President Ai Ou thinks that this granddaughter is not worthy of the third master?

What are you still hesitating about!

Naturally not, a character like Linger girl can see Xueyue as a blessing that this bastard has cultivated in his life, how can he not be worthy of it?

That being the case, President, what are you still hesitating about?

The three young masters are talented, and Linger girl is a perfect match. They are a natural pair, so make a pair!

Grandpa, think of a way, you can’t do anything

I just want to be with brother Xueyue, if I can’t marry brother Xueyue

Linger!…Linger is dead!

Martial Peak Chapter 1539

Martial Peak Chapter 1539


Martial Peak Chapter 1539

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Martial Peak Chapter 1539

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Martial Peak Chapter 1539


Martial Peak Chapter 1539

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Martial Peak Chapter 1539

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1539

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