Martial Peak Chapter 1533

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Wulian Dou Feng’s drunken beer cartoon Mo Mo’s original work

adapted drawing

This mysterious power fluctuates

It turned out that she was still in retreat, so I had to distract myself in order to greet me

I heard Yu Xiong say, are you coming to Dichenxing on purpose this time?

What’s the matter with me?

I can’t explain a word clearly, so let’s see, the seniors can easily understand this jade.

Have you seen the Emperor Starry Sky with your own eyes?

Lived with her for ten years

I have seen the Great Emperor, but the one living with me is a Dharma body of the Great Emperor, not her body.

Although this palace thinks that you will not deceive me, this kind of thing is too hard for people to believe

It’s not that this palace suspects you


It is normal for seniors to be suspicious

Seniors, look what these are

You have already collected so many Star Emperor Tokens?
What are the beads that emit thunder attributes?

Silent Thunderball

It was the emperor’s thing, but she gave it to me

Steamed Bun

This comic is collected and organized by Bao Ziman, for more free comics, please search “Bao Ziman”

It was Emperor Bao!

You can actually get the emperor’s treasure, it seems that what you said in the jade slip is true

Naturally, the boy would not joke with seniors about this kind of thing.

Well, as you said, like the star field we are in, there are many more?

“Just because of the existence of the power of the boundary, we can’t detect it? Can’t enter other star fields?

Since the emperor said it, it should not be wrong.

I haven’t confirmed this, it was said by the emperor himself

Above the star field, is there a star world?
Above the Void King Stage, is there a higher level?


Ha ha··

As expected, Ben Gong did not guess wrong. There is no end to the road of martial arts, who can stand at the top?

Above the Void King Stage, there is indeed a wider road!





































Can you really set up the kind of magic circle that is used to teleport between the stars?


Don’t be so exaggerated.
It’s just a super space array

2 Don’t mention others, just say that our Hengluo Chamber of Commerce has business throughout the entire star field

Although there are still some teleportation circles that cross the stars in the entire star field, none of them can be used.

If there is such a super space array as a bridge to connect the major stars of cultivation, our transportation cost can be ignored.

These things can only be arranged by ancient powerful people.
You underestimate the changes it can bring to the entire star field

Accumulated over many years, what a terrifying wealth!

It doesn’t stop there!

If there is a super space magic circle that can be used, which warrior will risk his life to cross the starry sky?
At that time, you only need to charge the fee for using the magic circle, and it will be enough to make a lot of money.

Yang Kai,

It can also cause earth-shaking changes to the entire star field, and you are also the hero of the entire star field!

Can you help me arrange a few such super space arrays for the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce?
Don’t worry, all the materials are provided by our chamber of commerce! and can give you satisfactory compensation

That’s fine of course, but…

But what?

But I want to talk to President Aio about this in person. I still have something to ask him. It just happens that we exchange it.

Maybe you can use the super space magic array as a condition to exchange that star emperor decree with President Ai Ou, and even the sword alliance can be obtained by this method!

no problem,

But my father is not easy to be with, be careful that you will be tortured by him.


I will be careful

It’s not too late to arrange it, I want to see the birth of the super space magic circle as soon as possible!

The Ultimate Way of Basic Martial Arts

The pinnacle of a quest for martial arts

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Martial Peak Chapter 1533

Martial Peak Chapter 1533


Martial Peak Chapter 1533

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Martial Peak Chapter 1533

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Martial Peak Chapter 1533


Martial Peak Chapter 1533

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Martial Peak Chapter 1533

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1533

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