Martial Peak Chapter 1515

Although only the virtual grade mid-grade

But if you have it, it is not a problem to fight against the Void Return 3-layer, and it does not take too long to refine it.

The reserve price is 150,000 Sacred Crystals, everyone please!

This dagger is small, but it is very suitable for me to use? …

This dagger is flawed, and if I read correctly, it should be a failure

Failed product?

Li Nuo just used a cold attribute secret technique to activate the power of this dagger

You don’t have the cold in your body, it’s not of much use

Is that so?

The reserve price is 150,000, and I will pay 200,280.

Is Li Nuo deceiving others by doing this?

If it is really obtained by a warrior who cultivates the cold attribute method, the power is also good.

Three hundred and fifty thousand!
make a deal!

I can’t talk about it, I can only say that what she said is not true

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make a deal!

Congratulations to this…!

make a deal!

This gentleman, you forgot to deliver the Holy Crystal!

But don’t be blinded by our maids here (laughs)

It’s almost the end, now it’s time for the main event

The next thing to be auctioned is – Grain Elixir

Miss Li Nuo, did you lie to me?

A Void King Pill!

Just kidding!

What is the role of the virtual king pill, I don’t need to say more about the concubine.

Twenty million!

I feel a bottleneck

It feels real!

Thirty-five million!

Fifty million

Eighty million!

100 million!

80 million… It seems that I have missed this virtual king pill.

This old gentleman in Room B, No. 8 has bid 100 million, is there no higher price?

Oh, a thousand squares!

100 million

It seems to be missed

Who has such financial resources!

Why are we just ordinary people arguing with the big forces?

Jiazi Room 2

Who, which bastard dares to compete with the old man…

Next time it’s neither big nor small, I will kill you!

Yes, yes, what the adults have taught is, don’t dare next time!

Such a great prestige, in the Purple Star City, he dares to take people’s lives at will.

Jiazi Room 1

This old man of Xu Wangdan wants it, 200 million!

This sound!

You really don’t take the rules of Purple Star City seriously?

This sound!
I have heard!

It’s from Room 1, Class A!

It turned out to be him, no wonder he can armor

200 million!

Three hundred million!

Five hundred million!

Second Young Master, this old man definitely did it on purpose!

Five hundred million?
! This virtual king dan is of no use to Gongsunliang at all, right?

Even if you want to buy it for your own younger generation, you won’t have to invest so much money, right?

this old guy…

I said, how could a person like him come here, it turned out to be deliberately here to make trouble with this young master

This old man must be afraid that you will grow up, so he is so insidious and obstructing

This old man is so lazy

One day my son will make him pay the price!

600 million!


The last time I shot a virtual king pill, it was only 508 million.

Gongsunliang, are you making trouble on purpose?

Ji Jun, this elder has taken a fancy to this Void King Pill and bid for it, what’s wrong with it?

What’s wrong?
Even if you are the Great Elder of Purple Star, one billion Saint Crystals cannot be taken out casually.

Miss Li Nuo, the old man suspects that he made a random offer, and he has no ability to cash in one billion holy crystals.

If you don’t believe me, you can check it out

Since he wants to verify, the old man will let him verify Miss Quino, and you bring that elixir over here

Find the elders to verify, isn’t this courting death?


Great Elder, this is the elixir you photographed

Girl Quinoa, please be careful, is this the number in one billion!

The quantity is confirmed to be correct and the silver and the goods are so far. The elder is a person of integrity, not a random bid.

Who knows if it’s true or not?

The owner of the auction house personally verified, could it still be fake?

Girl Quino is not at the third level of Void Return, so how can she dare to resist the lustful power of you?

Okay, Mr. Ji, don’t say any more.

Congrats to the elders for taking the panacea

The three young masters are polite, the auction is for the rich.

However, this elixir has no effect on the old man, but it is not useless for you, the second son

If the second son wants, the old man can give it to you, how about it?

The first elder is joking, such a precious thing, Wuji dare not bear it

It seems that the feud between the Second Young Master and the Great Elder is not entirely groundless.

I’m afraid they will fight here!

Next, the last auction item

Dare to take it out for auction if you don’t understand it?

Yes, don’t think we ordinary warriors are so deceiving

Your Tongtian Auction House is too childish.

Don’t worry, everyone, let’s take a look

It’s just Shu Concubine and a few appraisers in Tongtian Auction House who are clumsy

I still don’t know what the auction item is.

Sir, what do you recognize as this?

Not sure, you have to look carefully

Martial Peak Chapter 1515

Martial Peak Chapter 1515


Martial Peak Chapter 1515

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Martial Peak Chapter 1515

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Martial Peak Chapter 1515


Martial Peak Chapter 1515

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1515

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1515

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