Martial Peak Chapter 1380


Momo’s original work of instant beer comics

adapted drawing

Congratulations to Miss Xia for officially becoming an alchemist in the palace!

give it to me

These materials are assigned to you by the lord. The lord hopes to see the finished elixir in a month.

Humph, the little white face of a woman eating!

Why is there only so much material?

Go get more materials, the more the better

This is already 40 copies of the material of the virtual grade pill, and the other masters in the palace have so many months.

And if it’s enough, Miss Xia hasn’t spoken yet.

Just follow the younger brother, if the lord asks, just say what I want

What are the chances of the masters in the palace getting out of pills?

Ten ingredients, refining successfully twice!

That’s two percent

We lions open their mouths, will we?

This girl seems to hate me

After all, it is a virtual material

Don’t panic!
Others take 20% of the output

At that time, you only need to take out 30% of the finished medicinal pills, and she will already make a lot of money for Lord Chiyue.

OK then…

I just don’t want people to be suspicious of us.

Master Xia really lived up to his reputation, in just a few days

Lord Lord said, if you need more materials, the palace will supply sufficient unconditionally.

A bottle of twelve elixir is 10% higher than other masters!


Please be nice to Master Xia

Then we are welcome

You shameless man!

What did she scold me for?
I didn’t provoke her to mess with her!

Don’t care? Others don’t know about your excellence, I just know it….

In fact, this is good. I am really afraid of more women.

Since the little sister said so, I can feel at ease and be a little white face.

Miss, I don’t want to work hard

It’s not… no way

Qing Luo is not bluffing, this is the warehouse

This time, we must do a good search and try to squeeze the Chiyue collar dry!

no one?

How did the ban start?

Haven’t maintained a relationship for too long?

But Yu Xiong is a lot smarter this time, he knows how to kill people with a knife

Ben Gong wants to see how capable this human being is!

Huh…I’m so careless, I almost got caught…

Why does it feel like someone is spying, has it been exposed?”


Who are you!
Idle people can’t get close to here!

This maid doesn’t care about you, you better get out of the way

Don’t even know this young master?

My son and brother Xue Lian came here this time to ask Master Xia to refine medicine pills, not to do anything to her.


The Lord has an order

During the master alchemy, no one is allowed to disturb!


Don’t use Lord Chiyue to oppress me, and call people out!

Friends, want to alchemy?

Woolen cloth!

A mere human servant

Be careful, I’ll take her out of the sky? . .

Avoid Kahi X reading male protagonist than the fast league

(Contestants: Yang Kai, Su Yu, Lin Feng, Ye Weiming)

The most important thing for a man is to be fast!
I’m going to make a move with my disciples. Who dares to fight for the next three updates?

Your proficiency has been extracted by me, and it is also updated three times a week

“The First Grandpa in History”

“I Can Extract Proficiency”

All heavens and ten thousand worlds, twice a day!
“The Tribulation of All Clans” comes to cut!

Yang has been promoted to the second floor of Void Return, up to three shifts a day!

So fast!


“The Tribulation of All Nations”

“The Peak of Martial Arts”

8RIA pays attention to hi ka noise every day there are explosions

Tencent animation

Martial Peak Chapter 1380

Martial Peak Chapter 1380


Martial Peak Chapter 1380

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Martial Peak Chapter 1380

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Martial Peak Chapter 1380


Martial Peak Chapter 1380

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Martial Peak Chapter 1380

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1380

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