Martial Peak Chapter 1378

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“The Peak of Martial Arts” Chapter 1378 “Ba He”

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Kahi here to apologize to everyone!
! ! !

PIKAPI will let me, Yang Kai, punish you on behalf of everyone!




0 meters PIKAP plead guilty to self-cutting knife

PIKAPI sorry




Tencent animation


Momo’s original work of instant beer comics

adapted drawing

The three of you, and then Lord Winter Lion will take you in.

Red Moon Palace

The two of you, this is the palace, the Lord has already received the news

Thank you for coming from afar

As for you?… Take it for me!

It’s been so long, Dongshi, you are still so ruthless!

You still have the face to come back, this time you will not walk out of Banyue Mountain alive again!

Whether you can live or not depends on the meaning of the Lord.

The adults have important business at hand, so I won’t see you for the time being

But someone else will host two of you, and you two come with me

inside the palace

why don’t you come

Yuxiong, this is what the adoptive mother hopes to attach

The person here is a master of alchemy, so he cannot be without etiquette

Little sister, why don’t you wait here and do your own business for my brother?  …

Two adults, people have brought it!

Isn’t that a female alchemy master?

Is it him?… How could it be him?

What is this guy doing?

The two seem to be siblings

little bastard?·

Where is your little white face looking?
Believe it or not, goug out your eyeballs?

Human, if you want to survive, hurry up and apologize, kowtow and salute!

Apologize, kowtow and salute…

Beauty, are you sure you want me to do this?

Be bold!
You little white face dare to tease my little sister, you are tired of living, aren’t you!

Little sister, let me help you teach him a lesson!

You don’t need to come…·

I do it myself!

Guess, after I dig out your heart, is it black or white inside?

you hate me so much?

I wish I could smash your corpse into thousands of pieces and throw your bones into ashes?

Don’t make trouble!

Damn, you little white face is so daring, how dare you

You bastard!
Why did you come to see me now?

There’s no way, the star field voyage, I can’t come if I want,

Aren’t I here now, Qing Luo, don’t be angry, it’s a joke

You want to turn the situation into this, right?
Satisfied now?

They were already watching jokes

You’ve wronged me by saying that, it’s just a coincidence…

If so, then I won’t care about you

However, your status here seems to be very high.

Well, my adoptive mother values ​​me very much, so those monsters don’t dare to be disrespectful to me

Who is that guy? He seems to be in the same position as you

Like me, they are all adopted by my adoptive mother.

Uncle, how are you!

Big, big brother-in-law?

The little sister and this little white face actually have this kind of relationship!

Crisp… Then what does this girl have to do with you?



Tencent style

Of course it’s not allowed

But sometimes two people who love each other don’t care about worldly vision and ethics

Avoid Kahi X reading male protagonist than the fast league

(Contestants: Yang Kai, Su Yu, Lin Feng, Ye Weiming)

The most important thing for a man is to be fast!
I’m going to make a move with my disciples. Who dares to fight for the next three updates?

Your proficiency has been extracted by me, and it is also updated three times a week

“The First Grandpa in History”

“I Can Extract Proficiency”

All heavens and ten thousand worlds, twice a day!
“The Tribulation of All Clans” comes to cut!

Yang has been promoted to the second floor of Void Return, up to three shifts a day!

So fast!


“The Tribulation of All Nations”

“The Peak of Martial Arts”

8RIA pays attention to hi ka noise every day there are explosions

Tencent animation

Martial Peak Chapter 1378

Martial Peak Chapter 1378


Martial Peak Chapter 1378

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Martial Peak Chapter 1378

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Martial Peak Chapter 1378


Martial Peak Chapter 1378

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Martial Peak Chapter 1378

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1378

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