Martial Peak Chapter 1365

Well, by the way, I’m going on a voyage in a few days.


It turns out that our dark star is so magnificent

The dark star extends millions of miles beyond the star field, it is a safe area, so we can enjoy this view

But once the warship flies a million miles away, it is a dangerous zone.

Senior, you don’t have to scare them. When we get to that place, we will act again.

It is the first barrier that isolates the dark star from the outside world, and it is also the strongest barrier.

Dead zone!


what happened?

Looks like we’ve reached the dead zone

All members of Ling Xiaozong listen to my command!
Regardless of the consumption of the holy crystal source, strengthen the protection of the battleship to the limit!

Ah ah

Don’t panic, take your place!


All together!
Pull the speed of the battleship to the fullest!

Must hold on!

Immediately rush out!

Tencent animation

You have worked hard

Yang Kai, do you feel anything?

Well, at the moment when the battleship rushed out of the dead zone, I noticed something.

The dead zone is filled with the power of the emperor, and there are more than one

Yes, one is similar to the breath emanating from the Emperor Garden, and the other is very unfamiliar. What is the situation?

I have a guess, but not sure

The dead zone is filled with the power of two emperors with different breaths, and these two emperors are entangled in the battle, one is growing and the other is growing, and the cycle is repeated.

I think that the aura we are familiar with is the power of the Emperor Starry Sky, the owner of the Imperial Garden!

And the other one, although I don’t know who it is, should be someone of the same level as the Great Emperor!

The formation of the dead zone, perhaps…?… Maybe it was the result of the battle between these two characters

Huh, that’s not possible, is it?
The old man also thinks he is wrong

how can that be?….

What Senior Mo said should be right

Yang Kai, do you know something?

I don’t know much, but I do know that the emperor has an opponent who is not weaker than her, and the two have indeed fought.

It turns out that the dark star is so closed, and the culprit is actually her!

The situation in the dead zone is the best proof, where the two powers of the emperor are still entangled for tens of thousands of years

Perhaps Yang Yan and the unknown enemy once fought in the star field, resulting in such an isolation zone outside the dark star.

If I guessed correctly, Taixuanzong in ancient times should also be one of the battlefields, but I don’t know which one comes first compared to the Dead Zone.

Several of you are tired this time, let’s go and rest for the time being

After passing through the dead zone, the rest of the journey is safe, so you can retreat and practice.

Let’s draw a star map first?  …

Qianyue was there, separated from them…

Once the route is drawn, the warship will sail along the route, and I don’t need to worry about it for a long time.

First stop, go there first

Su Yan, will you be there?

Damn, did it fail again?

Sure enough, the virtual king-level medicinal pills are not so easy to refine successfully.

Only if the medicinal pill has a spirit, can it be called a spirit pill… How can we make the medicinal pill have a spirit?

1 card

Why did the battleship stop?

Yang Kai, here we are!

it is good!
Let’s go together!

How about it?

Martial Peak Chapter 1365

Martial Peak Chapter 1365


Martial Peak Chapter 1365

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Martial Peak Chapter 1365

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Martial Peak Chapter 1365


Martial Peak Chapter 1365

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Martial Peak Chapter 1365

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1365

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