Martial Peak Chapter 1358


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Why is this crack so small?

It took Qi Tianche several decades to refine the Xuanjiezhu. I don’t have that much time to spend here…  

Besides, how is this Xuanjiezhu refined?
Refining it is equivalent to refining this world? …

This piece of heaven and earth is sealed in the Xuanjiezhu, and the Xuanjiezhu is the emperor’s treasure, that is the secret treasure!

Refining it is just refining the secret treasure!
I don’t know how to refine the world, but I am good at refining secret treasures!

Since Qi Tianche spent decades refining the Xuanjiezhu,

Just chase the root cause and wipe out all his breath? . .

Then this Emperor Treasure must have been contaminated with his breath, since that’s the case…

If you leave your own breath, you can re-sacrifice…



The resistance is so great that Qi Tianche is right. It is extremely difficult to refine the Xuanjiezhu from the inside.

With my current strength, although it won’t take a hundred years, I’m afraid it will take more than ten or twenty years of work.

Is there no way to quickly refine it?

Got it!
How did I forget this?

If you use the energy of the empty profound crystal to increase the power of space, you can speed up the refining speed!

However, after gaining a certain level of attainments in the power of space, absorbing the energy of the empty profound crystal seems to have less and less effect on my growth.

After absorbing the empty profound crystal, the power of space really improved rapidly…

I am afraid that Kong Xuanjing will no longer be used to improve the power of space in the future.

also stretch

Sure enough, it was much easier than the beginning!

The Xuanjiezhu has left my breath and now it belongs to me completely!

This is·

actually expanded?

What would it be like if all the Xiaoxuan Realms were opened?

What a mysterious power!
I feel like my strength is constantly growing!

Unexpectedly, expanding the Xiaoxuan Realm can also improve the cultivation base at the same time!

Promoted to Void Return 2-layer

No wonder the old guy wanted to refine it completely…

Expanding the Xiaoxuan Realm not only allowed me to break through to the second-layer realm of returning to the virtual world, but even that ray of distraction has also grown.

Although I really want to stay here and continue refining, there is no time change in Xiaoxuanjie

The Mysterious Boundary Pearl forms a world of its own with its own laws, and is not bound by the dark stars.

If this Xuanjiezhu can be completely refined, it will be an easy thing to be promoted to the Void King Stage!

probably too

I need to know what’s going on outside

Ling Juefeng

There’s not even a single person, it looks like it’s been a few months at least, maybe even a few years?  …

It seems that Elder Ye and others have returned to Lingxiao Sect

She couldn’t sense the keel sword and the fire bird, so she probably took it away.

I have to go back right away

This is the second jewel of the Emperor Treasure….


Is it because I refined it?
The appearance has changed, and with it, the difficult problem that has been entangled in the heart is easily solved

Just try the cultivation results of the power of space!

It reached the bottom of the mountain in an instant, and the speed of the power of this space is catching up with the legendary teleportation!

However, the distance is still slightly worse than the tearing space, but the tearing space takes time and is easily disturbed.

It seems that my space power has broken through the shackles of space!

At this time, it is better to use the star shuttle for walking?  …

When you arrive at the next city, use the space magic circle to go back to Lingxiao Sect.

Wu roast

Martial Peak Chapter 1358

Martial Peak Chapter 1358


Martial Peak Chapter 1358

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Martial Peak Chapter 1358

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Martial Peak Chapter 1358


Martial Peak Chapter 1358

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Martial Peak Chapter 1358

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1358

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