Martial Peak Chapter 1242

Momo, adapted and drawn by the PIKAPI team

Isn’t this Luodi Mountain?
Could it be that the ancient ruins are hidden in Luodi Mountain?

No way?
There are really ancient ruins, how could it not be leaked at all?

So many people come to Luodi Mountain every year,

This mountain is lush and green, and it should be fragrant with birds and flowers, but it is silent…

Ha ha,

Is it the first time for Xiaoyou to come to Luodi Mountain?

Well, it is indeed the first time for the junior to come.

These Void Returners seem to be too friendly to me along the way

This is no wonder, little old man Ning Xiangchen!

Elder Ning, hello hello

Seniors, what is so wonderful about this Luodi Mountain?

Do you know why this place is called Luodi Mountain?

Could it be… what does it have to do with Chuan Xingkong Emperor?

Yes, it is rumored that this is the place where the emperor fell!


No one has confirmed it yet, but there is a hint of imperial power in this Fallen Emperor Mountain


You have also seen that this Luodi Mountain is full of aura, but there are no birds and beasts

Because there is the power of Emperor Might in this Falling Emperor Mountain!
The power of this emperor has enveloped the entire Luodi Mountain, and birds and beasts cannot stay here for a long time.

That’s right, even if it is the third-layer virtual return, you can’t stay in Luodi Mountain for too long, otherwise you will only end up going crazy!

I also came here to practice in the past, if I hadn’t quit in time, I’d probably have gone crazy long ago.

Along the way, we should meet a lot of magic warriors.

Can you still practice here?

Hehe, this is what the little old man will tell the little friend later.

The power of the emperor

The closer it is to the center of Luodi Mountain, the stronger it is, but it is suitable for tempering the power of spiritual consciousness. Every year, many warriors come here to cultivate spiritual consciousness.

And the power of the emperor also helps the warrior to understand the potential

If you are a little friend one day, you might as well come here to comprehend the power of the situation.

That’s right, and the comprehension potential is stronger than usual, so don’t miss the chance, little friend!

Many thanks to the three seniors for clarifying the doubts, the boy will definitely come when the time comes

Well said, well said!
If the little friend needs to be old at that time, just say it

If you are so enthusiastic, you can’t ask me for help if you have any trouble!

Don’t dare, how can you trouble the seniors so much

We have found our way, without further ado, let’s hurry in

Little friend, go first, by the way, try not to resist the emperor’s prestige in the mountain of fallen emperor, just feel it silently

Thanks for the reminder senior!



Ah Ming!

Are these the warriors who practiced here and were defeated by the power of the emperor?

what happened!
A force suppresses my consciousness

We have entered the sphere of influence of the power of Emperor Might, and those who can’t stand it can run Divine Consciousness to resist!

Is this the power of Diwei? It seems as if there are a pair of eyes watching over us

It’s just a trace of power and it’s so terrifying!

After walking for five days, the sea of ​​consciousness has become purer.

The power of my consciousness seems to have increased,

It really is a good place to practice spiritual consciousness!

We couldn’t help resisting the invasion of Diwei’s power with our divine sense, but he was actually comprehending it all the time!

He stole all the limelight!
The Philadelphia Lord also has a good eye on him! how can i lose to him

Isn’t it the power of Diwei!
I can too!

Miss Sisi, you? . .

Do you tube!

Is there such a place in the ground?

Unexpectedly, there is a unique cave under Luodi Mountain…o.

The power of Emperor Wei actually disappeared.

Martial Peak Chapter 1242

Martial Peak Chapter 1242


Martial Peak Chapter 1242

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Martial Peak Chapter 1242

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Martial Peak Chapter 1242


Martial Peak Chapter 1242

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Martial Peak Chapter 1242

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 1242

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