Martial Peak Chapter 104

Now I feel that the three-year grievances of Lingxiao Pavilion are really nothing compared to the poor people.

Fortunately, this family can still be so kind, which is really rare

Open the door!

old man »

Do not talk!

Could it be the thief who stole Xiaoyu’s parents?

old man!
Open the door!

You’re welcome if you don’t open the door.

Xiaoyu is not afraid, grandpa is here, Xiaoyu is not afraid!

old man!
Not a little daring! How dare you pretend to be dead!

Believe it or not, I’ve killed you!

Xiaoyu’s parents have been taken away by you, what are you doing here!
Don’t you even spare us old and young?

Hey, old guy, don’t be so ugly

We are inviting them, the husband and wife, to go to Yunxia Island to enjoy the blessings. Now we invite you to go too. The most important thing is that the family is neat and tidy.

Strange brother, when did this family have one more person?

This kind of blessing is not for us ordinary people to enjoy, can you two do a good job and let her child back?
If you miss your family, come with us

When Yunxia Island has its own time for you to reunite, what are you crying about here?

Yunxia Island?
I remember that there was a Yunxia Sect on the island, and it was only a third-rate sect compared to the High Heaven Pavilion. How could they bully the poor everywhere?

I beg the two of you to be kind, put the child and his parents back, and let us reunite as a family

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The old guy is making a lot of noise. I’ll tear down an old bone of you first.

and many more

If it wasn’t for that old man making a fuss, I would have wanted to ask, stinky boy!
who are you?

I’m a distant relative of this family

Distant relatives?
What are you doing here?

My business abroad was broken, and I went back home to visit, but I didn’t expect to meet an expert

Speaking of which, I have longed for Yunxia Sect for a long time, can you please take me to Yunxia Island as well?

This… There are still people who take the initiative to go to our island!

I’m afraid this kid is either crazy or stupid?

Alright, alright, how can we have the heart to stop you since you have worshipped my Yunxiazong’s heart

this stupid

two idiots

You two, is it enough for me to worship Yunxiazong alone?
If the old and the young are brought on the road, it will be troublesome

Well, you are also talking about the old and the young, in case of bumps on the road and dead, they are also contaminated with enzyme gas

It’s like this when people are old. Forgive the two brothers. Please go outside for a while. I will say goodbye to my father and sister.

Little brother, why are you so troubled? Yunxiazong is not a place where people can go.

Don’t worry, old man, don’t forget that I’m also a martial artist, you are all good people, leave Haicheng early tomorrow morning and go as far as you can, don’t stay here again

On this trip, I met all good people

I was planning to do these two, but I didn’t expect?  …

I had no idea there were so many of them!

There are cultivators in the real yuan realm

There is no chance of winning a head-to-head duel, you can only wait and see what happens

It’s too late for you boy to go back on it now!

Third-rate sects only dare to bully the poor

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Brother, it’s finally here

Yunxia·East Peninsula

Tencent animation

They have to come out once a month, why do you think these people are so short-lived?

Ordinary people, no matter how good they are, they won’t last long.

Shhh, stop talking…

They’re all off the boat!

Since you are here, you have to do something for me, Yunxia. This is also a test for you.

As long as you can pass through you, you can go home safely


Martial Peak Chapter 104

Martial Peak Chapter 104


Martial Peak Chapter 104

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Martial Peak Chapter 104

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Martial Peak Chapter 104


Martial Peak Chapter 104

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Martial Peak Chapter 104

Multiple language

Martial Peak Chapter 104

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