Peerless Martial Spirit (Reboot)
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Peerless Martial Spirit (Reboot)


Synopsis Peerless Martial Spirit (Reboot)

The Dragon Pulse Continent (or “Longmai” Continent) is home to millions of clans, countless sects and martial artists. Strong people have the ability to manoeuvre the land, whilst the weak can only crawl like ants. A young man, Chen Feng, with a core like iron, was unable to cultivate and was treated by cold eyes. But then he found the divine Dragon’s Blood and a mysterious ancient cauldron, and from then on he rose against the odds and emerged into the eyes of the world! Beautiful demon foxes, cold and highly empresses, demon clan princesses and divine clan princesses will all be in my arms. I will cultivate the supreme inheritance, condense the strongest martial soul, embrace all beauties, and stand proudly high up above the clouds.

Chapter Peerless Martial Spirit (Reboot)