Flirting With the System Again Today
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Flirting With the System Again Today


Synopsis Flirting With the System Again Today

She was forced to sacrifice, but she was bound to the system because of this; she traveled through thousands of worlds, only to avenge her rebirth.
But I don’t want someone willing to incarnate the system for her and accompany her to the world.
Childhood male god actually has a crush on herself?
Wannian Bingshan turned out to be a proud and loyal dog?
All kinds of beautiful men want to enter her harem, but she doesn’t even look at them, but he is full of jealousy…
The scum wants to be abused, and it is necessary to talk about love!
Man, how many more surprises do you have that I don’t know? Since you are the scumbag of the system, then you will be lingering to the end of the world~